Taiga Antonio Zoli rifle weapon

Since 2013, the Italian arms firm Antonio Zoli began producing bolt-magazine rifles Taiga, which is a up-to-date variation of the popular model AZ 1900 Bavarian, produced for more than thirty years.

The main architectural distinction in between the uniqueness is the method the cocking of the trigger mechanism. Use the switch bar located on the back plate of the receiver.

Summary Antonio Zoli Taiga

Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) bolt. Trunks made from carbon steel, rifling cut (AZ 1900 trunks built). Like several international brand names of hunting weapons, they have a cantilever layout.

  • An attribute of the layout is the way the cocking of the trigger. To do this, make use of the bar situated on the back side of the screw body. The weapon is in the shooting placement by pushing it as well as got rid of a switch located on the appropriate paddle, with the handle.
  • There are external distinctions: the butt removed the hunchback Bavarian crest (a boar’s back) as well as purchased directly, with a pillow Monte Carlo. Transformed the form of the lower arm, the end of her straight mechanical shear, in contrast to female expansion from the AZ 1900.
  • The firm supplies not too a wide choice of calibers:.243 as well as.308 Win, along with two versions of «« cloobeck »– 30-06 Sprg as well as of 9.63 × 62 Mauser (Mauser rounds were actually utilized for hunting elephants).
Disadvantages as well as advantages
  • Top quality craftsmanship, great precision of the fight– no greater than 0.5 MOA (1 MOA is the discrepancy from the aiming point is not greater than 2.9 cm when contending a distance of 100 meters).
  • Posturing in dealing with trim by pushing the lever considerably boosts the safety and security of making use of tools, so go back to the «« kursovka» » came to be a trendy fad in the style of hunting tools.
  • Bed crafted of really top quality, the comb of the butt is completely collaborated with the line of view with the back view and front sight. The suppliers had to be cunning, using her usual bright, low-value wood. The entire wayward pattern caused by the laser. Created notch-type fish scale on the handle as well as foregrip that of Antonio Zoli was not always a requirement for the manufacture of boxes.
  • Backplate, plastic, its low damping high quality, however it is well slides. Many suitable for hunting from ambush.
  • The rifle has a number of exterior sighting devices. The good thing is that the front sight features a red fiber-optic string, and also the column created the white line, which promotes intending. The notch of the rear view is too little in depth and also its dimension is inadequately matched with the dimension of the fly. It can be completed in the common needle file, but for top quality products such requirement as well repellent.

The rifle is supplied without straps for optics, there are just placing holes for them on the receiver.

  • Designers rejected to make use of USM of shneller, leaving the straight rifle program, and also a short as well as without warning. Initiative is only 600 grams! For contrast, the SKS it remains in the variety from 2 to 3 kgs.
  • Receiver crushed from a strong billet and set, it is extremely durable and also trustworthy. Open top, tank top single cartridge, however does not protect against ingress of dirt.
  • The bar for raising the shop is under the trigger guard, its former branches, it is practical for fast reloading.

Carabine Antonio Zoli Taiga

The purpose of the carbine Taiga( Taiga)Antonio Zoli Rifle qualities are rather excellent, they can be utilized for searching at tool and also Magnum cartridges as well as large ungulates. Quality.243 Win is the minimum allowed Europe and also the United States for hunting deer.

Function The worth
Type Repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Gauges .243 Win,.308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 9,63 × 62 Mauser
Barrel length (mm) 600
Capacity 4 or 3 +1 (Magnum)
Cocked Bar (sansibar)
Mount store Calibers.243 Win as well as.308 Win– folding, Magnum– detachable
Weight (kg) 3,3
  • Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally moving (bolt) screw. Declaration on the cocked lever-spenserom.
  • Trunk uploaded (console), a receiver is open, grated from a solid billet. For mounting the components for optics at its upper face made holes with metric string.
  • The shutter with the two tool tabs, the larva totally covers all-time low of the sleeve, the spring filled extractor. Sansibar installed on the back side of the bolt body, it is made in the type of a formed switches. Functioning stroke of 8 mm. To eliminate from cocking a switch located on the left side of the screw body with the deal with.
  • USM uncontrolled, with brief stroke the trigger without caution (straight rifle trigger), shneller missing.
  • Wood bed, polupoltina, with straight comb as well as pillow Monte Carlo. The lower arm of the stock can not be divided. Under the button of removal from fight platoon is made the recess for convenience of handling. Recoil pad: plastic, dealt with.
  • Outside views is the back sight in the form of an isosceles trapezoid with a port (non-adjustable) placed on the open front and also a high bracket view, red is geared up with a fiber-optic string.
Picking as well as loading

The rifle comes Packed in a plastic bring situation with foam absorber. Supplied with one store, a collection of keys to remove manual, guarantee as well as box.

The principle of operation of the cocking slide
  • The tool is equipped by pushing the button-lever (cocking slide) on the back of the screw body. Move the bar to 8 mm. In this case, the stopper has complete liberty, it is possible to push the trigger.
  • Removal from battle squad, including in the case of discovering the bullet in the chamber, by pushing the switch located behind the manage of the paddle, onward. Sansibar with a distinct click returns to the original position and also the trigger and also the shutter is obstructed.
  • If when de-cocked once again push the button behind the manage of the shutter and hold it, it rasplachivaetsya, yet USM will stay uncocked. This setting is utilized for drawing out the shutter from the receiver.
  • The shutter is eliminated when pressed spensieri and filmed shop.
  • To remove the store from the hopper it is necessary to push the bar on the front branch of the trigger guard (inside). From caliber rifles.243 Win as well as.308 Win leans back cover, and 30-06 Sprg and of 9.63 × 62 Mauser the store removed entirely.
  • The switch of elimination from combat army when pushed spensieri is pressed back (from the take care of) and is kept in this placement. The knob turns up, and it is extracted of the receiver along with the larva.
  • The bed is separated from the receiver by unscrewing bolts on either side of the trigger guard.

Antonio Zoli taiga 308

Tuning The AZ 1900 rifle Taiga, you can install the band Weaver and also Picatinny rail utilizing the opening with a metric string on the top side of the receiver.

The cost and the reviews on Taiga the carbine is given below.

Cost and assesses

Rifles are from 115 to 125 thousand rubles. Users noted good ergonomics of the bed and the exceptional capturing performance of the weapon. It is rather undemanding in procedure.

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