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Hunting rifle with vertically spaced shafts, which had a model index TOZ-200, out there of Russian tools was not greater than 3 years. Throughout this moment, the hunters did not even have time as it should «« try », so available about it on-line info is questionable and also inconsistent.

According to him, this weapon could be asserted, as a result, the reason for the desertion of Tula (known to us such versions as Argali, BM, OP SKS, etc) are not well recognized.

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Double-barreled «« vertikalka » 12-gauge with chamber length 76 mm. are Designed specifically for firing ammo Magnum with strengthened sets of gunpowder. This drastically altered the style of the receiver, it used the supposed dead hinge with a huge location adjacent axles.

The barrels are chromed, the leading with an irreversible muzzle constricting of polochak, the reduced chalk. Tube reinforced with a large wall thickness at the muzzle. The trigger with two trigger hooks, automatic fuse and signal army strikers. Rib ventilated.

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Disadvantages and benefits Strengthened receiver with an unique securing device trunks, called « off the hinge », which is borrowed from the showing off weapons of MTS.

  • The weapon is a sharp and heap battle, it conveniently stands up to intensive link of gunpowder and also fractions.
  • The comfort designs of packages as well as the weight of the weapon is rather excellent, allowing you to properly shoot in flight.
  • Mainspring USM flat, with one pen, which significantly raises their survivability and also endurance.
  • Versions with adjustable chokes were not issued.
  • Structurally does not suit optical sights, without which several of the current seekers can not picture life.
  • Feasible repair work hinge barrel block and also enhancing the frontal plate of the receiver, which enhances the general survivability of the tool as well as raises its life up to one million shots.

Support of the framework has caused the fact that the weight of the exceedingly big rifle: 3.6 kg– a great deal for those who choose a dynamic suspension of hunting during the whole day.


The weapon is mainly created for the manufacturing of big waterfowl. For instance, geese. Possible capturing from the top of the trunk light puncturing bullet.


The gun was generated just in the 12th caliber as well as one barrel length of. Changing just the style– from the normal to the item and also keepsake.

Feature The value
Type Bokflint– trunks put up and down
Quality 12, chamber 76 mm
Trunks Chrome network, irreversible muzzle narrowing
Barrel size (mm) 750 mm
Acceptable stress (MPa) 90
USM With two trigger hooks
Weight (kg) 3,6
  • Smoothbore gun with a vertical setup of the tubes (bokflint). Channels and screws are chromed. Irreversible muzzle narrowing: the upper trunk polochak, the reduced chalk.
  • The receiver is boosted with a rotating joint, on which is put the axle block. Securing through a plate forming the bottom face. After the clicks, it forms unbreakable «« dead » hinge
  • . The trigger with 2 trigger hooks. Fight springs level, in the one plume. There is a mechanism for intercepting Kurkov (spoiler), along with a cocking indicator. Merge mechanical locking sear. Button-the slider is on the shank of the receiver. There is a device looter (perehvatyvaet) activates, which prevents the shot when not totally locked the system.
  • Launch lever standard metal swivel plate on the top side of the receiver. The barrel block is locked the bottom latch (band Purdue).
  • Views– aired vent strap average elevation and also bronze fly.
  • Bed polupoltina, butt almost without exception obtained from the TOZ-34. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. Handguard is removable.
Picking and packing

The weapon was delivered in a cardboard box.

  • In the bundle was it is itself, without interchangeable muzzle constricting, cleansing instruments and other devices.
  • Included a key and also user’s manual.
The concept of procedure

To unlock the barrel block it is necessary to move the bar on the cover of the receiver to the far. When you switch on the joint is the platoon Kurkov USM and also the lever of the extractor (located on both sides of the linking bands trunks) extends, drawing out the invested cartridge situation from the chamber.

When locking the barrel obstruct the bar back into place (along the axis) individually. Otherwise, it must be brought manually. The fuse have a TOZ-200 mechanical. If you do not desire an instant shot, the check box should be moved down.

The front trigger runs with a striker top of the barrel, and the rear striker with lower. For smooth elimination from battle army, you open up the receiver, remove the cartridges from the cartridge chambers, click both the trigger as well as gradually shut the barrel block.

  1. Prior to dismantling the weapon released.
  2. To separate the barrel block, press the bar situated before the trigger guard, on the bottom face of the receiver.
  3. Fold up the locking plate, press the launch lever to the right and remove the barrel block from the hinge receiver.

The gun can just be acquired with hands or in a thrift shop. Price from 8 approximately 15 thousand rubles. These money can purchase, as an example, MC 20-01, TOZ-94, TOZ-87.

Owner examines

The weapon was manufactured with a good quality, although after buying the called for break-in duration systems of the joint and also removal of the cartridges. A sharp and also lot fight, drobova talus has a thickening to the facility. Recoil is modest.

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