Lynx Commander 5900 50th Anniversary 900 ACE Snowmobile

The anniversary variation of the snow sled Lynx Commander 900 ACE, launched for the 50th wedding anniversary. Functions advanced and also exclusive tools.


Features: The limited-edition version. Consists of dual seat, commemorative products made of copper, the freight box as well as charger the CTEK shows the battery degree as well as permits simple billing.(The CTEK battery charger is readily available as a device).

The ROTAX engine. Four-stroke Rotax ACE engine is affordable and also very efficient. Electric choke iTC provides

three various driving settings. Resilient chassis withstands rough operation conditions with no troubles. Beveled tunnel enables you to use a narrower seat as well as gas tank, which gives a natural position for riding, despite the wide scale.

Long and large track. Wide 500 mm and also a size of about 4 m caterpillar supplies good flotation protection and hold. Back suspension PPS-5900-a Large suspension motion and effective weight transfer, convenience as well as control in all conditions and jobs. Front suspension A-LFS+lighter than its precursor, supplying more exact handling.

  • New XC ski BLADE. 2200 g lighter than the ski Blade, ski blade Blade XC provides excellent control with much less initiative.
  • The electrical starter. Start the snowmobile with the easy press of a button. Heated seat.
  • The seat is a huge area to transfer points, as well as seat heating system boosts convenience in winter. If essential, you can mount additional passenger seat readily available as an accessory. Functionality and versatility.
  • Low gear proportion two-speed gear make it less complicated drawing heavy tons and also driving on extreme surface. Effective air conditioning system. Air conditioning system containing radiator with electrical fan to keep maximum engine temperature when
  • driving at reduced rates. Engine ROTAX ® 900 ACE The quantity of the dice, see 899 Number of cyndrical tubes 3 Kind Liquid-cooled, four-stroke with 2 camshafts leading area, dry sump Common tools and devices Handlebar Steel handlebar with levers, the elevation of the spacers guiding — 130-205 mm, vehicle driver’s grab handle Windscreen, High(510 mm)
  • , solid Rear view mirror optional tools Warmed holds Standard Electric starter Standard Drive wheel variator eDrive II The driven wheel of the CVT QRS SS Brake system
  • Hydraulic brakes with steel strengthened
  • brake pipes, brake master cylinder plastic Oil tank volume, l 3,3 Caterpillar, 3923 — mm x 500 Gas container, l 40 The base of the ski, mm 996 +/-21
  • Kind of ski Blade DS Grouser elevation, mm 38
  • Elevation with windscreen
  • , mm 1445 Width/length mm 1180
  • (+/ -21 )/ 3370 Number of seats 2 Type front suspension A-LFS+, arched lower A-shaped bars
  • Shock absorbers front suspension HPG 36 Rear suspension kind PPS-5900-A Back suspension travel, 36 mm HPG

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