Crossbow MK-52

Among designs with similar technical specs, the weapon MK 52 stands out for its information: it includes one of the most essential for this kind of blades quality at one of the most reasonable price.

Thanks to its outside design and superb technical information, as well as one-of-a-kind lethality crossbows today are preferred and purchase it will be the best action for all fans of searching and training shooting accuracy.

It remains in the weapon focused top qualities such as convenience of usage, the ability to control such important aspects as the dimension of the shoulders and the size of the butt, in addition to inexpensive cost, which additionally impacts the option of purchasers.

Overview of tools

Many thanks to using weapon MK 52 for hunting and also training precision (as amusement), this model remains in continuous need and also those that are simply beginning to learn the abilities of shooting arrows and also having the experience of experts. Proprietor examines allow you to recognize the factor for the need of the design, and also the retracting supply has the most ergonomic form that provides simplicity of usage.

Swing arms crossbow MK-52 and a sufficiently huge stroke of the bowstring to permit the optimum variety of the boom, and also the opportunity of deciding on among numerous ranges of this model enables to choose the variant, which by its qualities will certainly be most ideal. A lot of advantages in contrast with comparable designs permit us to comprehend why the model MK 52 has actually come to be prominent to participate in the hunt even huge video game.

Advantages and also downsides

The most crucial technical specifications that distinguish the model from the exact same crossbow need to include the following specifications:

  • raised security level ensured by the supplier. Below is a view of a fuse from an unintended shot, as well as even one of the most smooth ranging from the extremely light touch of the begin button will not set off a shot, if one objective did not stand. Important to fuse in the device of the crossbow, additionally enhances the level of safety and security when making use of;
  • significant substantial progression the bowstring and able to perform carry out most effective efficient far muchFired
  • the presence of vibration dampers, as well as vibrogasyaschih strip ensures that makes sure painful and sharp and alsoUnpleasant which is especially important specifically a small amount of quantity with the use of the crossbow;
  • the usage, which can be moved depending on relocated physical structure of the framework, to provide extra convenience supply ensure benefit during guarantee;
  • professional optical make certain that specialist accuracy view an enhancesPrecision

These attributes enable to recognize the reason for the appeal of the design MK 52. And also the mix of their schedule at an affordable expense makes this crossbow an essential buddy on the quest.

According to proprietors of this version, weak points in it were kept in mind. Easy to use in any kind of conditions, ensured security of operation of the device and also rich basic equipment guarantees that the demand for weapon all that value the combination of benefit and reliability of such weapons.


Made use of version MK 52 can as a weapon on the quest for the extraction of any kind of pet, and also the dependability of its range and also permits the use of the crossbow, also when searching huge game.

The light in the optical sight offers a superb overview in the absence or absence of all-natural light. Its brightness is figured out by a solid sufficient light bulbs with a lengthy life of active job.


The market today, you can see a number of selections of design MK 52. They all have a variety of comparable criteria and their technical features permit to call them likewise prominent among fans of reliable and also exact blades.

One of the most widely known today, the ranges should consist of the MK 250 weapon and also brand of mongoose, which is likewise trustworthy being used, have a high level of safety and also are budget-friendly and also fairly reduced cost.


Positive responses from several proprietors of this version relate to its technological data, which will make certain a high level of comfort of the use of the crossbow MK 52, variety arrows, and likewise a fantastic striking ability, which is due to considerable development in the string and also its high flexibility.

Specs Crossbow MK 52
Producer Taiwan
View of the device of the crossbow Block
The initial speed of the arrowhead 112 m/s
The stroke length of the string 34.5 centimeters
Size crossbow 93 centimeters
Swing arms, or the size of the weapon 53.5 cm
Surefire life time from the supplier Twelve month

The highest possible rate of trip of an arrowhead can shock also expert hunter that uses this sort of bladed weapons, as well as the reasonably small dimension and weight enable you to pleasantly carry a weapon.

Gadget weapon MK-52

Current versions of crossbows have similar device, which is very easy.

  • The situation, which is the main part of the crossbow is made of sturdy plastic with an unique finishing that protects it from scrapes as well as chips.
  • The barrel is made from steel, stand up to rust.
  • Arrowheads light weight aluminum, which gives them agility.
  • A guide identifies a direction of arrowhead flight and variety, as well as the foregrip, which can be changed and also gives comfort when capturing.
  • The start button is geared up with a fuse to guarantee the safety and security of using the model as well as not enabling unintended shot. The training course of the trigger smooth as well as soft that allows you to make use of the crossbow MK even women.
Picking as well as loading

This design offers the standard spec, which offers complete use the crossbow. It includes the following names:

  • the weapon;
  • 4 arrowheads, made from lightweight as well as durable light weight aluminum;
  • strap for dealing with the crossbow.

All this is housed in a cardboard box.

Exactly how to make use of the tool

The use of crossbow MK 52 is fairly straightforward given that the tool is basic and also not intricate allows you to start to use it promptly after acquisition. Prior to the shot should be readied to arrowhead, the objective is to discover in the included in sight.

Substantial development of the bowstring permits you to send out the arrow to the optimum distance. The string is extended, and making use of the trigger is fired.

Concerning the cost of crossbow MK-XB52 (XB-52) see listed below.

The item price

Expense variable substantially influences the degree of need of the crossbow. And also the design of the MK 52 has a rate, which can please buyers with different earnings levels.

In sale the model is presented at a rate of 16 to 18 580 100 rubles, compared to peers can be thought about an autonomous value of this type of weapon.

The reviews on the weapon block MK-XB52 (MAN KUNG guy Kung XB-52).

Owner examines
  • Those that have had the experience of utilizing a crossbow brand MK-52, noted the high degree of damage, gave that the bowshot.
  • The variety of an arrow’s trip dates are substantial number of totally free walking string.These requirements provide a concept of the opportunities take into consideration the crossbow.
  • It is also noted ease of use: relatively straightforward tool allows you to run it not only specialist shooters, however, for newbies and also Amateurs, whose experience is tiny.
  • Considerable additional positive responses concerning the top quality utilized in the creation of versions of products: high strength, high strength and also the ability to run a weapon with any kind of problems of the atmosphere encouraging those who are involved in the quest as well as often tends not to depend on weather.
  • The price sign is additionally vital. And also the price mainly determines the degree of demand for the design.

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