Microjy. The return of winter

Something weird going on with the weather. The end of March, usually at this time everything is melting, mud, slush… But this year quite the opposite. Today I spent all day snowing and the temperature below zero. But in winter, the snow almost was not, well, how so?

But despite these weather “surprises”, I decided to get out for a few hours and catch microjy. My mistake is that I did not handle the cord with Johnson in the end for all the fishing I was worried about frost ring… Well, he is guilty, thought heat. The beginning of the sixth evening, snow, light breeze, temperature -6 degrees. Go to the prearranged place for exploration goes chomp SPRUT HIROKO checked in the brown-green coloring on the ogruzka 1.3 grams. Bait on the bottom, start wiring from short explosions and soon someone attacks the bait, a little fish and is dragged to the gathering. Well, apparently the fish is on point.

Next cast to the same place and eventually comes across a small ECOSOC, it’s what I was targeting today. A little more time and gets another small the striped predator.

Suddenly there comes a sudden lull, apparently on the point there were only two hungry perch. To start experimenting with baits. In the course sent no less proven bait – vibrohvost SPRUT HIDOKU swamp colors. 5 minutes rinse the rubber, and on the next cast almost since the release, I get a neat poklevku. There! Immediately felt that the village something more pleasant. Vyvazhivaete fish slowly, getting the maximum pleasure from this pleasant process. Soon the banks will come across quite well-fed perch.

Yeah, nice fish, this season it’s my biggest perch. Photo shoot handsome and released in their native element. The mood at once has risen considerably. And then me again waiting for a lull. Go to different places of the chosen site, experimenting with lures, harness, but no result. Then suddenly I remember about one way of equipping bait during passive fish the fish, catch HIROKO edge of the head. In the end, the lure gets a lot of freedom on the harness.

And on the first cast I catch another perch. Come on!? Works! Repeat the throw and immediately catch another one. For all that, as I have already held a variety of lures, even tried to catch on the same tires, but in the usual the equipment. And in the end, things went uphill. Perches pleasing bites, and I’ve prevlevel. Yes, there was and no bite, but it was effective.


Then I catch another nice name for this place perch. Feel full satisfaction, and the weather doesn’t seem so bad.

But, nevertheless, closer to the evening, still a little cold ring of steel be covered with ice more often. On this decide to finish today’s fishing. Check-out can be called successful, caught a dozen perch, and generally picked to fish is key, which is also very important. Now I will practice more this type of bait.

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