The production versions of the drinker for chickens with their hands

Young Chicks in your household develop fully, they must have constant access to fresh water. And while drinking water Chicks should not get wet.

With this purpose, it is recommended to make a special device that will allow the chicken to drink carefully, without spilling water. Called fixture drinker for chickens. These waterers for chickens are sold ready, but the device is easy to make with your own hands.

There are several types of drinkers for chickens:

  • Nipple. This species is most widely distributed in automated farms, but gradually they penetrate now and in the conventional poultry houses. Suitable for birds living in cages and floor with the contents of the CSD.
  • Vacuum. Reduce the consumption of water, since a long time holding constant its level. Mainly used in the household. Suitable for floor maintenance and birds in cages.
  • Microcaecilia. Along with nipple are used everywhere. The water in these water troughs for chickens is served in a Cup, when the chicken has a beak on the stock, driving the valve, forcing water to enter the Cup from the tap or tank. In the case of using this structure in chickens there is no need to tip the head during drinking.

Placing waterers for Chicks, note the following:

The plane nipple design within 2 days from the time of the Chicks must be at an angle of 30-45° to the neck of the bird. Then the design is raised above, and the process can last up to one week. In the end, the angle must be 60°. After seven days the chicken is easy to drink, with his head at 75-85° upward relative to the fixture.

Bell, vacuum and microcaecilia waterers for chickens are placed so that the bottom of them were on the same plane as the surface of the back of the bird. Age is not important.

How to teach Chicks to drink from

Very young chicken, having dried, ready to eat and drink independently. Of course, the Chicks are brought hen, easier, as it teaches all the tricks of the brood. However, with the Chicks from the incubator to the problems does not appear. Usually they peck that turned up out of curiosity. Attractive mixed feed grains, different black dots, and the eyes of colleagues. To make the chicken started to use the drinker by using his curiosity.

With nipple constructions Chicks quietly understand about yourself, as instinctively attracted to their shiny tips.

It is important to have the correct nipple (requires those that react to all shocks (3600)).

Adult chickens to nipple structures are taught in the same way, but sometimes several weaken the mount, so the water began to ooze.

Vacuum drinking bowls for chickens , the situation is more complicated. To attract the attention of the chicken to moisture, in a bowl toss the leaves, attracting curious birds. Klyunuv the tea leaf, a chicken’s finding out what’s what and starts to use the drinker.

As for microcasting systems, at the bottom they place the ball, forcing to move stock and minimal opening valve that provides a drip of water. After that, the ball can be removed.

With minimal engineering skills, but the strong desire of the drinker for chickens to do with their hands.

Nipple design

To make nipple drinker for chickens with their hands, you will need a minimum of expense and effort.

One of the simplest ways of making requires:

  • plastic;
  • bucket;
  • nipples;
  • drill.

Clean water for birds will be provided for a long time if you use a bucket large volume, for example, 10-liter. In the bottom of it drilled holes corresponding to the diameter of the nipples that reach the hole. Will have to do 3-4 holes.

Obtained drinker for chickens with their hands hung at a height convenient for the chickens and filled with water. This design is very easy to do with your hands, plus simple care. To fill the have to manually, but still the device is a convenient. On small farms, in addition to chickens, she can drink and adult chickens.

A more complex option is making your own hands is drinking from the pipe using the nipple. This assumes the ability to connect to a Central water system or the presence of a large water tank. This design is a good solution in the case of cultivation of broilers with a fast metabolism, and therefore in need of a large quantity of water.

Required materials
  • Flexible hose.
  • Plastic pipe with a square cross-section (side – 22 mm).
  • Two or three clamps for fixation of drinking bowl.
  • An adapter for a hose or a round pipe.
  • Plug.
  • Nipple with drip pans.
  • Drill 9mm.
  • Tap (¼inch).

The alternative is microcatena drinker. 1m troughs – 3-5 PCs of chickens selected 3600 nipple for chickens – 1800 (vertical movement).

For the manufacture of their own hands nipple waterers will need:

  • To fix the square tube.
  • To carry out the layout to place the nipple (enough intervals of 20-25 cm).
  • Drill holes in places in the markup, to ensure air tightness.
  • Consistently cut thread nipples.
  • Screw in the nipple, taped FUM. It is also recommended to insulate the joints. Secure the drip pans under the nipple.
  • Close the tube cap on one side, put the hose on the other. Hoses should be chosen according to the diameter.

Ready-made troughs with clamps attached to the wall of the coop and hose attached to water source.

When breeding ordinary hens or broilers, the growth of poultry nipple drinker raised above, in accordance with the relevant recommendations.


Vacuum drinking bottle with your hands to make it easier, as its easier than the nipple counterpart. It is recommended in the first 3-4 weeks of life the Chicks to set them such appliances.

Consider a simple version of how to make a water bowl for the chickens themselves.

You will need:

  • A three-liter bottle (this volume is enough for 35 chickens).
  • A bowl or tray with a height of 5 cm and a diameter up to 22 cm
  • The aluminum sheet.
  • Wire.

The sheet is bent in the form of a cuff (height – 11.5 cm, Ø16см), rolled edges on the wire. At about 4 cm from one of them done with 1-cm hole.

The cuff is put on the Bank. From the neck to the edge of the sheet should be about 4 cm In the bottle, pour water and cover it with a bowl or tray. Holding one hand on the bottom of the bottle and the other for the pelvis, the bowl inverted and put on the prepared holder. For chickens under the age of 10 days, it can be placed on the floor. Then swing the grille with optional tray for spray of moisture. With the growth of Chicks under hips stacked wooden plates. The water in the drinker for chickens with their hands is always at the same level.

Similarly, you can make a drinking bowl from the bottle. Although fast-growing broilers it is not the most reliable option. Therefore, the drinker is recommended to hang it, and raise the growth of chickens.

For making your own hands you will need:

  • A plastic bottle with a lid.
  • Screw.
  • Pan. It will require the bowl to replace the cut off bottom of another plastic container or large bottle.
  • The clamp or other attachment means suitable diameter plastic bottle. To hang the drinker.

The procedure is the following:

  • Bottle leave the cap off, fixed in the centre of the bowl with a screw thread on the outside.
  • The bottle is inverted and put on the clamp.
  • Near the neck make a small hole, which should be below the level of the sides of the bowl or pan in one piece. So the water will be at the same level.
  • A bottle filled with water.
  • Tightening bolted to bowl cover
  • Hang the drinker.

Drinking significantly reduce financial costs, will appreciate the efficiency and ease of maintenance. Be aware that hygiene in the coop will be able to improve, only changing the watering system.

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