A rating of cat food premium

Every living organism needs a good nutrition for active growth and good health and if their needs of people can feel, full diet of a pet is completely dependent on the owner.

Some domesticated human animals are predators in their natural habitat and for their full development it is necessary to consider features of their body in greatest need of protein.

The most skillful hunter, who even in the home continues to hone his skills is a cat, so the choice of food for the furry darling needs to be careful.

Features power

The predatory nature of cats affects their physiology in such a way that the shortage of certain components in the diet of animals prone to developmental disabilities and health problems. Set meals are offered today by many manufacturers tailored to the individual needs of the animal in a certain period of life.

So, best food for cats is divided in line with the age of the pet, presence of diseases, breed and other characteristics, but they all should contain:

  • fiber;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates.

Quality product it is important to have a good balance of all the necessary substances, taking into account the fact that cats are predators. Protein in food must be more and carbohydrates and fats minimal amount.

In addition to these components, the diet should include:

  • the amino acid arginine;
  • taurine;
  • fluorine;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • vitamins K, E, A, b and D .

All this combined will provide the animal the proper development of muscle tissue, cardiovascular system and reproductive functions.

To ensure that the pet the necessary nutrients by feeding from the master’s table simply impossible, so an experienced cat owner and veterinarians are advised to purchase for their Pets nutritionally balanced feed is ready from trusted manufacturers. Only food, taking into account all the features of an animal’s body is able to provide him a long and carefree life without the disease.

The advantages of fodder premium

Many believethat everything balanced feed is equally useful regardless of the manufacturer, and the inflated cost a fee for a name brand. In fact it is not. Cheap products economy contain a large number of flavorings and preservatives, and instead of natural organic foods is in the meat meal. Regular consumption of animal foods on the basis of a large number of substitutes leads to dysbiosis, gastritis, kidney stones and other undesirable consequences.

Premium pet feeds for cats consists of natural herbs, vegetables and meat, which significantly improves their quality and, consequently, increases the cost.

A rating of cat food premium

To date, manufacturers of balanced feed for cats release them in the form of wet canned food and dry product. Vets still can’t figure out which types of food are more useful and recommended diet of the animal for 1/4 of the wet food and ¾ of the dry. Taking into account the own financial possibilities and preferences in food pet, every owner has the right to choose the correct scheme of feeding. For ease of selection of the best premium food for cats the following is a ranking of the most popular.

Dry food

A rating of dry food for cats manufacturers are distributes in different places depending on their class and category of supply.

No. 1. First place in this list by right goes to the product Royal Canin. His line takes into account the age and breed characteristics of the body of cats and also have a special series of medical. Price category all varieties of feed is a little different and varies in the range of 700-2000 rubles per pack in 2 kg. In the list of qualifying manufacturer features diets for cats:

  • indigestion;
  • living in the room;
  • sterilized;
  • prone to being overweight;
  • with fastidious tastes;
  • often in the street;
  • growing;
  • elderly;
  • healthy to 7 and so on.

In addition, the first place in the list, the brand has gained thanks to its range of products substitute cat milk.

No. 2. Reasonable cost and useful for pet is “drying” from the manufacturer Hills. Many veterinarians attribute it to the list of super foods.

The range of brand there is a range of feeding healthy animals and clinical nutrition:

  • for kittens;
  • for adults;
  • older cats;
  • neutered animals;
  • prone to obesity;
  • with sensitive skin;
  • sensitive digestion;
  • Allergy sufferers and so on.

The cost ranges from 200-350 rubles per pack 400 g .

No. 3. Popular among cat-lovers and prevalent in stores is considered to be a product of Purina ProPlan. You can find it in almost any supermarket, and the cost starts from 900 rubles per 1.5 kg. Feed is also divided in specialized lines.

No. 4. Best dry food for cats at an affordable price is a product of the Swedish company Bozita. It cost about 900 rubles for 2 kg, and the same popularity among veterinarians use dry and wet food.

Wet food

Rating wet cat food manufacturers distributes on a different principle, since their preparation uses a completely different technology.

Good wet canned food must contain more meat products than the dry food, so the production of quality products spetsializiruyutsya mainly American and European companies.

  1. First place in the ranking on the right goes to the canned Innova Evo. Their composition can be found exclusively raw meat diet and probiotics. Despite this expensive part, the food costs about 100 for a jar of 375 g .
  2. Second place goes to the product Wellness Chicken formula, based on natural meat. Additionally, the composition of canned food can be used to detect concentrations of light vegetables, vitamin and mineral supplements. Feed cost is 50 rubles for a jar of 85 g .
  3. Completes the rating of the product from the Italian manufacturer Schesir manufactured in Thailand. The feed is perfectly balanced nutrition for cats and costs about 50 rubles per 85 g.
Rating feed Kulistikov

Choosing a good food for pet is impossible not to consider the new generation of feed premium called “Holistic”. They differ from other high content of natural ingredients and a precise balance of all the substances. A truly high-quality products of this class are very little, therefore, to enumerate them on his fingers.

Dry food

First place in the rating of “crackers” Kulistikov rightfully gets Innova Cat and Kitten. This product is enriched with vitamin S and essential fatty acids necessary for healthy cat fur. The balance of all nutrients perfectly preserves the immunity of the animal throughout life, and the power cost is 1000 rubles per 2 kg .

Equally good are the products Golden Eagle Holistic and Natural holistic Go without flavor enhancers. These foods are ideal for food animals with gastrointestinal disease, are prone to weight gain and a weak digestion. For cats allergic to chicken, you should pay attention to food GRANDORF Natural & Healthy, which is absolutely free from it in composition. Surprisingly, the cost of this feed is only 700 rubles for 3 kg .

Wet canned food

The category of a new generation of natural and balanced nutrition for fluffy favourites includes and wet canned food. Their rating is different from dry feed, but the number of good representatives of the class is also a bit.

The first place among the moist pouches of Kulistikov is a product from the Italian manufacturer Almo Nature. All manufactured brand of feed based on natural meats, fruits and vegetables, are therefore ideal animals with liver, heart and kidneys. Cost of 1 pack of feed is in the range of 50-80 rubles.

After the apparent victory of the Italian brand in the ranking are the products from German and English manufacturers. Wet canned Moonlight Dinner and Applaws contains only the finest ingredients without added flavor enhancers and odor. The cost of these products on the market in the range of 75-130 rubles for 100 g .

The choice of food

Most cat owners are busy working people who have simply no sufficient time to prepare fresh food for your pet twice a day, and feed should mow it 2 or 3 times. And this is the case if the animal is completely cool, because Pets are suffering from various diseases, to properly balance the ration of their own products is simply impossible.

Manufacturers of integrated cat food premium select ingredients for their products, taking into account all individual needs of the animal, based on the advice of experienced veterinarians and conducting all the necessary studies before release for sale. Therefore, to ensure adequate nutrition for your pet, you should choose a professional balanced feed, enriched with all the minerals and vitamins for vigorous growth and development of cats.

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