How to name a black kitten boy

Almost everyone has a pet. As they say, tastes differ, and in our case, the preference in the choice of pet is different in all people. Someone who likes affectionate and playful cats, someone give the preference to the faithful dogs, someone who likes to fish, birds, mice and so on.

Having Pets in a few cases: for protection, for getting rid of rodents just for yourself to soul good.

Incredible joy in the house, when a small, delicate black lump with huge soft eyes. Little kittens do not leave indifferent even the most callous snobs. Always brought joy to young children and adults. Home a cat if you care for it, always remains faithful to his master. The mood of these animals are different, and won’t make the owner bored. The day can go in different moods. From gentle murliganj in the morning to the frantic game play with his tail.

When the family got a small fluffy kitten black color, which I love from the first seconds the children need to think how to name a black cat. Do not easy task is to come up with the name kitten with black fur. This task must be approached with full responsibility, because as they say, like a ship call, so it will float. You should consider all the options before mindlessly give first, got to mind the name. With this nickname the animal to live a lifetime nickname should be the cat itself.

But still the problem of the present people, a black cat is often Association with mysticism, mysteries and superstitions. In our fairy tales the black cat represented a mythical creature from the other world. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote in his tales about a scientist and a cat on the circuit, walking around the oak. As you know, in the illustration of the cat was black. The novel Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” all struck by the enormous black cat named Behemoth that strikes fear in residents of Moscow.

Judging by the mentality of the Russian people, many are afraid to take home a cat with such a coat color. But you can also remember the cartoons with the phrase “Black cat, happy path”. Also, not all know that cats with black fur have a docile and gentle nature to obey their master and very smart. Despite all this superstition, this cat will bring joy to the house.

How to name a black kitten

A nickname should be short and in tune. It is not recommended to name a kitten too long and complex name. You need to cat can easily without much effort, to call. Call her often have. A nickname must have a large number of hissing sounds that are beneficial to the ears of the pet. There are some sounds that cats do not perceive aurally. Usually a nickname for a kitten is selected in accordance with the coat color. This is typically the names associated with night, mystery, a mystery of the sea. Also the color black has always symbolized the classics, the nobility and aristocracy.

In honor of this you can call a cat as subtle, for example:

  • 1. Lord
  • 2. Count
  • 3. Princess
  • 4. Princess

You can come up with a nickname that is associated with the unknown, our planets, for example Pluto, Venus, Mars. The cat can pick up the nickname associated with the names of famous composers or musicians or singers, for example, Michael, Josie, jazz, Blues.

How to name a black kitten boy

How to name the kitten will tell you his character. For cats phlegmatic, who do not like active games and Amateur sleep all day, suit quiet, simple name, for example a Prince or a Count or a Baron. If the kitten is active, constantly in motion, playing, running, jumping and just can’t sit still in one place it fits the Pirate name, Vulcan, Blackie, Siskin.

For real predators and hunters for birds and mice suitable names such as Lev, leopard, Bagheera. You can also pick up nicknames, suitable for any temperament.

Names for cats boys:

  • 1. Alex
  • 2. Arnie
  • 3. Barsik
  • 4. Baths
  • 5. Buck
  • 6. Voland
  • 7. Wally
  • 8. The demon
  • 9. Beetle
  • 10. Klaus
  • 11. Lord
  • 12. Mickey
  • 13. Mike
  • 14. Richie
  • 15. Phil
How to name a black cat in nature

Usually cats are very proud, fastidious, self-sufficient animals. They always choose when to approach the owner plasticise, never asking for hands. If the cats not in the mood, she’s not going to play or just to sit on your hands. Cats by nature are better hunters than males. The nickname must match the status of the cat. If it has exquisite manners, wants to notice, then it will suit such refined names as Nefertiti, Felicia, Madonna. If the cat is active, noisy, always in motion, then her suit sharp and strong name Hera, BRITA, Bagheera, Sabrina.

There are cats by the nature of the dreamer, quiet, calm, affectionate, who spend their time watching the birds outside the window. The name for this kitty cute elegant suitable, for example, Mary, she, nick, Stesha, Tina.

You can also pick up nicknames, suitable for any temperament.

Names for kitty girls:

  • 1. Asya
  • 2. Hell
  • 3. Wanda
  • 4. Vesta
  • 5. Diana
  • 6. Dinara
  • 7. Zlata
  • 8. Leila
  • 9. Lucy
  • 10. Mista
  • 11. Maine
  • 12. Nona
  • 13. Fania

After the name came up, still need proper care of the kitten or adult cat. With the right care fluffy pet to please his master and to live up to his nickname. You can build a collar with the pet’s name if animal is lost, it will be able to find it.

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