What to feed kittens in 1 month: eating habits kids

It so happens that some people get a new pet and don’t know what to feed a kitten 1 month from the day of birth. The best nutrition for the baby during this time is breast milk, which contains everything necessary for health and proper development.

But it happens that the owner himself has to assume the role of mother to the kitten and feed it yourself at home.

In the first month of life the animal has no time to acquire a strong immune system and the skills for independent living, so the food for baby should be very rich and nutritious. Therefore, if before the master, the question arose of how to feed a month old kitten, he needs to acquainted with all the nuances in order to grow a healthy cat.

What to feed a month old kitten

Do not be afraid and worry about health of the baby, the first month of life is a good time to teach the kitten to solid food. He can still drink breast milk, while gradually starting to try solid food.

If you want to start feeding the kitten left without a mother, you can use the following tips:

  • For the kittens ‘ nutrition in 1 month suitable goat milk. It is more rich than cow’s, and you need to dilute it with warm water halfway. And use dry mixes. You can buy them in any veterinary clinic or pet store.
  • The diet is gradually introduced dairy products without sugar, for example, sour cream or yogurt.
  • Goat’s milk cooked porridge semolina or rice. Before feeding grits to grind, puree. The mixture is diluted with water. The less dense porridge in the end get the better.
  • Boiled egg yolk is very good for bones and muscles of the baby. Even better to mix it with low-fat cottage cheese. It can be made at home or bought in the shop of the manufacturer. Such a mixture without salt and other additives fed kitten not more than 2 times a week so as not to cause protein poisoning.
  • In water boiled and the meat is shredded on a grater or in a blender. In the resulting broth add the vegetables, grated to a pulp. This soup kitten feed 1 time a week. Not to put salt or other spices.
  • Baby meat or fish puree in jars suitable for feeding kittens monthly.
  • Over time, the diet is introduced ordinary meat. It is boiled or orietta boiling water, then thoroughly crushed. Perfect for first lures chicken fillet, beef, rabbit meat. Pork cannot be used. It contains too much fat that is not digested by the weakest stomach a little kitten.
  • Sea boiled fish, free from bones, suitable for feeding. The river fish are too dangerous for the baby, it is the source of the eggs of worms.
How to feed a month old kitten

Kids left without a mother, fed from a special device. It is sold in every pet store and use it is very simple. If there is no time to run to the store, you can use an ordinary syringe with a broken needle. To feed the kitten often, just so happens to eliminate the lack of attention from mum. Good nutrition is the basis of health of the future adult cat.

Therefore it is necessary not only to choose food for the baby, but also know how to feed him.

  • Familiarity with the new food. Before giving your pet to try a new product, you need to wet your finger in it and give it a lick. If the baby resists, it is possible to smear his face with food around his mouth, so he quickly it try.
  • Your kitty cat is not choked while eating, put into a bowl a small amount of food. It should lightly cover the bottom. Leave the pet alone during a meal is impossible, he would need constant supervision.
  • Introduce dry food gradually to a change of food did not cause stress. Food is first soaked in water, each time adding it less and less, while the animal itself will not be able to chew.
  • Next to the food should always be a bowl of water. Fluid must be changed regularly, so it was cool and clean.
  • After eating the plate you must always wash and dry, so it does not become a source of germs.
  • You cannot enter into the diet of all products. Every day gradually need to give something new to the kitten got used to the change in diet. If the animal is allergic, this method will help to quickly figure out what exactly.

Very young kittens need a substitute mom. She not only feeds kids, but paws kneaded the belly for 1-2 minutes after dinner so food is digested faster. You can do it with a finger, the movement should be smooth and easy. To massage the tummy need in 20 minutes after a meal. So the baby will be easier to go to the toilet.

The constant refusal of food is an alarming sign and cause for immediate access to a vet. If this happens rarely, we can try to independently feed the kitten, opening his mouth and placing there a piece of food.

During the day, month kittens eat on average 5-6 times. The day you need to devote time to feeding every 4 hours, so kids don’t have time to get hungry. They often eat, so all day you can eat a large amount of food.

What foods not to feed a kitten

There is a list of products, which is contraindicated to feed monthly kittens.

These include:

  • Prepared food from the table. When we cook for ourselves, we use salt, pepper and other spices, which kittens can’t eat. Even adult cats are hard to tolerate the use of such food.
  • Medication for people. Vitamins and medications cannot be given without the recommendation of the vet. Medications should be specialized and to approach the animal.
  • Sweet. Kittens are attracted to the scent of chocolate and ice cream, they often begin to beg. But not to indulge their weaknesses and feed products with sugar content is harmful to the cardiovascular system of animals.
  • Pork and lamb. Fish products do not give the fish a different river fish. By eating such food the kitten is increasing the risk of infection.
  • Bones. It can be dangerous to the esophagus. When razgryzaniya cat can cause injury or choke. Kittens are generally very dangerous to give this kind of food.
  • Legumes. Beans and peas are not digested and cause anxiety in the stomach due to fermentation processes. For this reason, kittens should not be given potatoes, even mashed.
  • Dry and liquid feeds of the economy. In such products there is no real meat is used in their production trimming of skin, cartilage, bones and other byproducts that are harmful to kids. In addition, they include more and flavors that mask the natural smell and very addictive.

Thus, the perfect diet month old kitten looks like this: goat’s milk or powdered milk, diluted in warm water, rice porridge or semolina, boiled egg yolk and mash for baby food.

For the health of your pet is enough to take the time to create a proper menu for the first month of life. It will benefit the baby, he will grow strong, active and will be for many years to please their masters.

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