Snowmobile does not start, reasons

It is not at all necessary to rush to the workshop immediately or completely disassemble the snowmobile; Buran can be mastered independently, but this takes time and desire.

Snowmobiles can now be seen the most diverse. Everyone acquires this miracle of technology for themselves according to certain characteristics, speed is important for someone, and someone seeks to conquer the snowy mountain peaks.

But for the northern regions of our country, domestic units are more suitable, although they are less attractive purely externally, they cannot be found equal in performance.

Experienced masters who manually went through more than one unit of this type recommend this:

  • if you can’t start a snowball on a cold cause, it may be hiding in the emergency start check, fixing the problem everything will fall into place quickly;
  • it is worth paying attention to the crankshaft oil seals, they can simply be knocked out;
  • stale rings will also prevent the engine from starting up and this reason is entirely possible to solve on your own;
  • compression test never hurts, so you can start with it.

For deeper checks, you need to have at least some idea of ​​the mechanism, do not disassemble the snowmobile and even more so the engine, if you do not understand this absolutely.

I would especially like to note the Buran snowmobile, which is considered a sign of prosperity among the Chukchi and their neighbors in the region. The endurance of the unit is high, it will overcome various difficulties without problems, but breakdowns sometimes occur. Sometimes masters puzzle for a long time how to start a Buran snowmobile, everything seems to be in order, but the motor stalls. In the causes and methods of their elimination and we will understand further.

Reasons not to start the Buran snowmobile

There can be many reasons for engine failure, each of which requires a thorough check of one or another part of the system. For those who do not like to fool around, you can simply contact the nearest workshop, any specialist versed in motor vehicles can easily find out and fix the problem. But it’s better to figure it out on your own, while you will additionally learn the degree of deterioration of the engine from the inside. Next, we dwell in more detail on each of the most common causes.

Doesn’t start on hot

Stall on the go and does not start already in a pre-warmed form the motor on the Buran can for several reasons. First of all, it is necessary to carefully inspect the unit for freezing ice or snow sticking, and only then investigate further.

It’s bad to start up hot because of this:

  • the reason often lies in the gas tank cap, the drainage hole simply freezes in severe frost. After a short period of time, a vacuum was created here, and for further movement it was necessary to turn on enrichment, the pump could not cope normally with the fuel supply.
  • The second most common cause is a rupture of the gasket on the sump, respectively, air suction begins. At the same time, it works perfectly at small and medium revs, but it is no longer possible to show off.

In other cases, the Buran will not stall while the snowmobile is running, and if this happens, it will start immediately without any problems.

To cold

Often on forums, hunters and fishermen discuss the same topic with similar indicators. After the trip, everyone got to their destination, and after spending the night they could not make a snow.

The reason may lie in several divisions at once;

  • the switch is dead;
  • problems with wires;
  • jumble of candle caps;
  • TLM.

If the start-up procedure is accompanied by popping in the muffler, then the reason for this phenomenon was most likely the depletion of the fuel mixture during suction.

From electric starter

In this case, there are also several reasons, and they must be carefully studied.

This is most often due to:

  • problems with the starter, it either has few revolutions, or there is not enough spark to start the current;
  • ignition timing will also show this when starting a snowball.

Everything else must be understood in more detail and individually.

How to start a snowmobile Buran

It is preliminary to find out what is the reason, because for one case it is a saving straw, and in another it will not help at all. If it is impossible to start a snowball on a hot one, then it is better to wait for the engine to cool, but not completely. In the cold, on the contrary, it is necessary to warm up the main parts of the engine, including the candles.

Repair cost and other troubleshooting methods

Repair work in the workshop will definitely cost a pretty penny, with each workshop having its own prices. It should be understood that for less than 5,000-8,000 rubles, no one will do anything with your Buran.

You can fix the malfunction only by finding out the reason, for this you need to carefully examine your vehicle. Remedies and causes can be combined in the following table:

sign of malfunction reason solution
engine does not start due to lack of fuel supply clogged or clogged pipes, problems with filters, clogged fuel tank opening the tubes are disconnected and blown, the filters are washed in gasoline, the venting hole is cleaned
ice plugs water in fuel replace fuel
poor fuel quality replace fuel
there is a lot of fuel in the engine overshoot open the carburetor throttle, remove the candles and blow out the cylinders, wipe the candles dry
no spark candle wear replace with new, old ones, remove carbon deposits and set the correct gap between the electrodes
knocking in fuel the fuel mixture is wrong or one of the ingredients is of poor quality clean the engine of carbon deposits, use fuel according to the manual
the engine is knocking wear of piston pins and / or cylinders, needle bearings, main bearings of the knee shaft complete engine repair

When the engine overheats, it is necessary to allow it to cool in a timely manner, otherwise the snowmobile can stall halfway.

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