Snowmobile “Laika 2 m”

The new model differed from its predecessor by a caterpillar (HUS). The previous version had rubber-metal material from belts, which were connected by metal plates. In the updated version was installed HUS solid-cast type – reinforced.

Snowmobile “Laika 2 m” was made more than thirty years ago by the company “Promsvyaz”. It was produced first for departmental purposes. In the beginning, the light version “NAMI095BA” was developed, after which, on its basis, snowmobiles called “Amurets” were produced.

They made devices in Khabarovsk. There were few of them, not more than 100 in 12 months. In the 70s, Amurets was fixed and the new version was called Laika-2. In the late 90s, development was curtailed because it began to lag behind foreign models. Most snowmobiles gradually switched to private owners.

Design features

The machine is utilitarian, as it is designed for passengers and for transporting goods on any type of snow.

Features of the device, a combination of four-stroke engines and low weight give the “Laika 2M” certain advantages over other models:

  • good passability is provided by small pressure on the plane;
  • high-quality starting at different temperatures is possible due to the operation of a 4-stroke engine (carburetor) equipped with a damper;
  • light weight facilitates transportation and increases safety;
  • increased resource and reliability are achieved using a 4-stroke power unit and a variator of foreign production;
  • ease of maintenance due to lightweight design and the use of spare parts that are used by domestic developers;
  • low noise operation of the motor;
  • oil does not need to be added to gasoline; it is changed by the owner periodically, similar to engines, after some time, according to the instruction manual.

A snowmobile can tow a plastic sled with a load of up to 250 kg. The following items can be installed on Laika 2M: a tow bar (2.5 thousand rubles), a windshield (2.5 thousand rubles), an electric starter and lighting equipment (13000 rubles).

Snowmobile “Laika” – two varieties:

  • with manual start, GUS;
  • with a variator, with an electronic starter.

It is recommended to learn more about the parameters of the model released in the 70s.

  • glass height – 1240;
  • height with curved glass – 1000;
  • length 2570, width 840;
  • the basis of snowmobile – 1.1 thousand;
  • mover base – 1 thousand;
  • HUS width – 490;
  • width of flat runners – 170;
  • track – 670;
  • dry mass – 180;
  • the length of the plane of the runners – 840;
  • the height of the steps – 140;
  • minimum radius – 3.5;
  • maximum weight for transportation – 200;
  • fuel tank – 26 l;
  • fuel: a combination of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 20 (during break-in) and 25: 1 for a run-in car.

The technical characteristics of the Snowmobile model Laika 2M are presented. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them before you buy the device.

Parameters of the modern model of snowmobile “Laika”:

  • In the basic version, power units up to 14 hp are installed on the machine. The engine is started manually.
  • Dimensions in centimeters 230x90x90;
  • Dry weight 120kg;
  • Four-stroke motor;
  • Engine displacement (see a cube.) 400;
  • The highest speed (km / h) 50;
  • CVT transmission;
  • The width of the HUS (in centimeters) 38;
  • Gasoline consumption (l / 100 km) 10;
  • Fuel tank capacity (l) 7;
  • Type of fuel – from 92.

Caterpillars are mounted with shafts from the Burana basic build. On a single, the first HUS is shorter, other parts, in addition to the hull, were used from Russian motorcycle and snowmobile equipment with modifications.

Advantages and disadvantages

“Laika” is small in size. It is an individual means of transporting people, transporting small goods along snowy paths, lakes, and marshes.

Ease of use

The power unit is equipped with a centrifugal cylindrical-shaped device that protects the tractor from independent movement during engine start-up and allows you to slowly pick up speed.


The snowmobile includes a 6.5 horsepower Honda engine with a flow rate of 1.8 l / h.

Good cross-country ability on snow, ice and off-road

It is provided with simple and reliable metal grousers. The design of these elements do not include rollers.

The caterpillar is shorter and the all-terrain vehicle is maneuverable. Due to the ski mounted on the entire plane of the ski, the resistance to movement decreases, the permeability increases.

The large slip area, the absence of effects of freezing, snow, increased load capacity and low weight reduce the force required to transport goods. “Laika” has its drawbacks, the HUS may break. It is important to know how to properly change it.

Solutions to engine problems

In the period when the Laika became popular, it was almost impossible to find spare parts for it. Happy owners of this car faced the problem of replacing the track. It was important to resolve the issue of which spare part to install in return.

There are various positions on this subject.

It is recommended to consider one of them (verified):

  1. Use the HUS from Buran (long).
  2. Improve quality of fastening of carts.
  3. Set Buranovskie carts.
  4. Add 1 more shaft.
  5. Extend the boat from the Laika snowmobile at the rear.

And at the end, collect all the elements together.

Due to the fact that the MD caterpillar is longer, it is possible to raise the car from the ground by a few centimeters – this is a big plus. In deep snow, the car no longer sank, did not get stuck. True, it was additionally necessary to change the track of the skis and pull out the fasteners of the turning elements beyond the boundaries of the body.

Skis are also lowered a few centimeters. At the same time, resistance has become greater. Another replacement of the HUS provided the opportunity to get rid of such a problem as stuffing wet snow on the head shaft.


The device has ceased to be produced for a long time, the age of the remaining species is large. For this reason, it is important to maintain the machine.

This procedure does not differ from serving Buranu:

  1. Each year, it is necessary to lubricate the bearings of the carts, shafts and check the tension of the tracks, the head chain and lubricate the latter.
  2. You will also need to replace parts. And here there are difficulties that can be nullified if this procedure is carried out according to the guidelines.
  3. There may be problems with the engine, if necessary, its repair, because not all spare parts are easily and simply found in car dealerships. Because of this, many owners of Laiks go to replace the power unit. As an alternative, there are more powerful engines: Honda, Greenfield, MTR, Lifan and others.
  4. Replacing a broken caterpillar is a laborious task. If there is no original, then you need to either create a HUS yourself or change from a motorized towing vehicle to a version similar in design.
  5. Undercarriage carts need to be redone for a new track or (which is not so costly as labor) replaced with carts from a suitable product. The front shaft must be uniquely redone, and the rear should be bought. Two options are suitable: motorized towing or Buranovsky, depending on the selected track.
  6. If you just need to replace the rollers or stars, then it is much easier. Stars need to be replaced by Buranovskys, change the shaft supports that facilitate its rotation, and the elements of the rollers. The softening springs of the skis should be changed to as similar as possible.

Next, the question arises of where to buy it – it is better in the nearest store for winter equipment. But if not nearby, then you can find on the Internet and order.

During the replacement of the motor there is a need for the conversion of lighting. Generators on these engines are often weak, therefore, replacement of LED lamps is required.

Price and owner reviews

Before buying, it is advisable to find out about the price for the Laika 2M model. At the moment, this device is discontinued, so you can buy it only from private traders. Depending on the configuration, replacement of spare parts, the price may be different.

modernized snowmobile Laika 2 from 80 000 rubles
with trailer 140 000 rubles
Laika 2m on the announcement on Avito (on the go with electronic and manual starter) 55 000 rubles
Redone Laika 65 000 rubles

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