Varieties of Alpina Snowmobile

Alpina snowmobiles are distinguished by endurance, power. They are not purchased for walks; these are more working models bought for the transport of goods and passengers at decent distances.

Immediately after entering the market, snowmobiles of this manufacturer were able to win the hearts of many users of such equipment. Despite the fact that the young company so far has only two models, many people already know and love it.

Externally, Sherpa and SuperClass snowmobiles are very similar, but their technical characteristics vary. The main difference will be the number of passengers and ride comfort. Dale should focus on each of the models in more detail.

The Alpina snowmobile was designed by Italian designers to move through the snowy Alps and beyond. The line of models is not so great, but those who have tried them forever remember the power and speed of these snowmobiles. The distinctive features of these units are attractive design and excellent technical characteristics that will help to overcome any snow obstacles.


You can distinguish this Alpina model from Sherpas not only visually, the engine and tracks also differ. SuperClass is more suitable for walking with a breeze on the virgin snow; in addition, you can attach a sled and ride a couple more people.

The double caterpillar allowed reducing pressure on the snow cover, due to this the snowmobile moves quickly and smoothly. The Hirth engine produces excellent performance even at low speeds, so the additional weight of 250-300 kg is not a burden for a snowmobile.


An all-terrain vehicle of this type is simply striking in its dimensions, it is characterized by the power of a real beast and an impressive appearance. With full confidence, we can say that such a technique will amaze everyone who loves snowmobiles.

The manufacturers call this model among themselves the snow giant, this name was given to her not in vain. Lifeguards in the mountains, policemen and foresters who work in the mountains, maintenance staff of ski resorts in different countries cannot do without this snowmobile now.

In addition to the driver, three more passengers can be accommodated on a snowball of this type; in addition to the vehicle, you can attach a sled and place a luggage there or another 6-8 people.

A power model from Alpina will climb a steep mountain without problems, a 4-stroke engine from Peugeot will help. By all characteristics, it is already clear that this model is more working than walking.

Specifications of Alpina models

Alpina snowmobiles are often used in rescue operations because of the ability to transport rescue teams and equipment over sufficient distances. This is facilitated by such technical characteristics:

characteristic Sherpa SuperClass
weight 590 kg 430 kg
width 3480 mm 3435 mm
length 1446 mm 1446 mm
power 115 l from. 65 l from.
fuel tank volume 45 l 40 l
working volume 1596 cm3 625 см3
cooling liquid forced air

By comparative characteristics , the differences between the two models are immediately visible.

Advantages of Alpina Sherpa Snowmobile Models

The Alpina Sherpa snowmobile is ahead of many similar units in technical specifications. This is precisely what becomes the main explanation of why this particular model is most often used by the staff of ski resorts for servicing skiing trails and rescue operations of varying complexity.

Face advantages over others:

  • engine power;
  • high permeability;
  • capacity, up to 12 people can move at a time;
  • the ability to easily take even the highest and steep mountains;
  • comfortable heated seats for both the driver and passengers;
  • the ability to attach a sleigh with seats;
  • dashboard with alerts in case of failure of any of the components.

The appearance of the snowmobile speaks for itself, next to it, rescue models from Yamaha and Polaris look like little brothers.

Alpina Snowmobile Costs

It is difficult to call vehicles from this manufacturer budget ones, and even at the first glance at the unit it becomes clear that it cannot be cheap.

For new models in the salons will be asked:

  • SuperClass at least 1.35 million rubles;
  • Sherpa will be more expensive, for less than 2.6 million rubles. not to find him.

It’s difficult to find private advertisements for a used vehicle, but even in this case the cost will not be much lower.

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