Fishing in pokidko

This method of fishing should be used on rivers with low flow and pools of standing water from spring to autumn.

It should be noted that the presence of boats is necessary. You can of course take the long rod and fish from shore or wisebrod, but the productivity of this fishing will be less, because for such fishing in pokidko needed complete silence and low bursts.

In pokidko catch Chub, Chub, roach, Rudd, bream, perch, white bream, IDE and other types of fish.

Fishing technique

The boat goes along the shore with the tide (can swim against currents, but in this case you need to have a partner who would sit on the oars) and the bait thrown at various fishy places. These include: aquatic vegetation, the grass hanging over the water branches of trees, snags, large rocks, submerged trees. In one place the tackle is quite long if no bites, then the boat stops and takes a quick oblaivanie the following interest areas.

If at some point there was a nibble and the fish fish, it is rational to stop the boat and make a few more casts in a given spot. Also following this principle, you can go back a little (low noise), and again to sh catchability place. Again I say – you need to catch at low flow.

Tackle and bait

Catch pokidko carry a light rod with a length of up to 4.5 meters, but the best option is a three-meter rope. Main line bet from 0,25 to 0,3 mm. it is Very important to do the entire length of the fishing line to the hook equal to the length of the rods (such a set is very convenient to send the attachment with great precision with one hand, especially if you fish alone and have to tweak the movement of the boat). After the main line is the leash of a smaller cross section 0,14-0,18 mm on which is attached a hook №4-6 (must choose at type of fish).

Before the leash is attached a small cork float. Sinker, as a rule, do not put the bait slowly sinks under the weight of the hook. But if you noticed that the moment the fish takes on top of the water, it can be a little heavier hook if tied to his forearm a small strip of lead sheet.

Fish that can be caught on this tackle and is big enough despite the relatively thick main line and the leash, it is better to equip a fishing rod, easy retractable.

As bait you can use any insects and their larvae: grasshoppers, beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, worms, bloodworms, maggots, botflies the larvae of bark beetles and etc. Some fishermen use as a nozzle for Chub small frogs.

Noticed that when fishing in the twilight, IDE and Chub peck on “float”. That is, they take fallen in the water float for a beetle or some insect. It is useful to put “float” a small tee or double, but so that he did well on the fishing line with the bite, and not bounced together with the float. To do this, take a small sleeve (insulation from thin wires) inch length so thick that he barely entered the ear of the tee, while hole in cambrige should “perejimati” a clockwork ring, what would the fishing line went tight.

Wearing such a device before the snap of the leash to the main line after the float, then put a small bead and a lead with a hook. If the fish will grab the float and, respectively, for the tee – there is the timely cutting and triple hook slides along with a piece of insulation to the beads (which rests on the knot of the leash) and fish safely vivariums, after which the tee again pulled up to the float. It should be noted that such strikes happen quite often.

In General, the fishing in pokidko a very exciting and productive fishing.

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