What to feed a Chihuahua at home

Any owner must know what to feed the puppy Chihuahua is possible and what is prohibited. If the dog owner is a supporter of the prepared feed, it is necessary to purchase feed only super-premium or luxury class.

The lovers of natural foods must be diet, what to feed a Chihuahua, not forgetting the lure to add a mineral-vitamin complex.

In this paper, we consider how to feed a Chihuahua at home how to diet and choose a ready food order has not appeared health problems of the animal.

First food

During the first three weeks of life the dogs only eat mother’s milk, which contains everything necessary for the proper growth and development of little substance. Approximately one month in the feeding Chihuahua add solid foods first. For example, the soaked pieces of ready forages of super-premium or luxury class.

The owners of the puppy Chihuahua taking it when the dog turns around 2 months. Usually by this time already happening self-feeding. The new owner needs the breeder to find out what fed the dog.

The first time you need to feed the puppy the same food he ate at the breeder. To transfer the animal to a different diet should be introduced gradually, in order not to disrupt the digestive tract.

Diet Chihuahua

In order to care properly for your pet, you must know what diet he needs at a specific age. Feeding a Chihuahua is obliged to pass several times daily, thus taking into account grow older this number reduces, the daily amount of food increases.

In two months you need to feed the dog 6 times daily. Up to 4 months limit intake of food up to 5 times a day. With 4 months to 6 years of puppy is fed four times a day. With 6 months to one year is enough to feed the dog three times a day. After one year the adult needs to be fed twice a day. Typically, this is done in the morning and evening.

Choose a feeding system

Diet can be of two types:

  • natural products;
  • finished feed.

What to feed a Chihuahua it is necessary to solve only to you. But do not forget that it is not necessary to switch sharply from one diet to another. It is not recommended to mix different types of power. All this can negatively affect the physical condition of the animal. To care for the dog must be properly.

Ready to feed

Dry food for Chihuahua has several advantages:

  • to prepare it, it is not necessary to spend forces for ration formulation. You only need to buy a pack with food, preferably super-premium or premium, and give in the required amount to the dog. Recommendations for the use of specific feed can be read on its packaging.
  • part of a quality, ready to feed, for example, super-premium, has the right balance of biologically active substances, vitamins and mineral foods. Because to buy special supplements dog foods do not need.
  • this food is easy to take with you or store. In addition, the feeding Chihuahua very suitable for busy dog owners.

In order for your pet to grow healthy and vigorous, not worth it in his power to save. It is necessary to purchase feed only super-premium or luxury class. This is where the only downside of this feed is quite high cost. However, the Chihuahua is a miniature dog, because it eats quite a bit. And accordingly, one pack long enough.

Suitable for Chihuahua feed a super-premium dog. Always choose product which is suitable for age your animal is ready to feed as there are for adult dogs and puppies.

When a Chihuahua is allergic to certain foods, it is not necessary to experiment, and immediately buy a special hypoallergenic food. Before you purchase this food you need to go to the vet. He will recommend the optimum food for your dog.

In any qualitative ready forages of super-premium class have to be cereals, vegetables, vitamins, whole meat, minerals, herbs, natural preservatives, and supplements to strengthen the joints, growth and immunity.

Feed in premium is a small number of meat products. The main part in the composition of the food are poorly digested substances occurs because the average digestibility.

Feed a super-premium maximum close to natural food. The percentage of digestibility is quite high, due to the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Natural products

For drawing up a daily menu of natural products will need not only certain forces, but also some knowledge of. When you do not have enough time for cooking food for a Chihuahua in the home, it is not necessary for it to undertake.

For your dog to develop properly, it is necessary for her to properly care. Making a daily menu for a puppy from natural products, it is necessary to consider that food must be both useful and delicious. Because the daily diet must consist of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and mineral foods.

The protein can be given in the form of fish, meat, cheese, and cottage cheese. Carbohydrates are wheat, rice, pasta, potatoes. Fats can be fed to the dog in the form of a meat or meat food add vegetable oil. Meat it is desirable to boil.

Vitamin and mineral complementary food you can buy in the drugstore or pet store. You should consult with your veterinarian to find out to what extent you need to give the animal feeding. The doctor will choose for your dog’s individual normal.

You can give meat boiled veal or beef. Offal – heart, liver, kidneys. Before giving the dog meat products, they must be boiled, otherwise, increases the risk of worms.

When are you going to give the animal a marine fish, it is also necessary to weld, then release from the bones. The fish need to give twice a week, replacing her meat dishes.

In the form of an omelette once a week is necessary to give an egg. To the egg, you can add porridge and vegetable salad.

From cereals can be fed buckwheat, oats, rice, cooking porridge of them. During cooking, do not use milk. It is desirable to do so in meat broth or water. When are you going to feed your dog pasta, let them only in boiled form. In order to please the pet, you can sprinkle with grated cheese. By and large, the cheese can be sprinkled on any dish. Potatoes can be feeding puppy boiled, without salt.

From dairy products it is desirable to give preference to home cheese or cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir. Milk is better to refuse. If you start the puppy to give milk, they may suffer diarrhea. But the lactating bitch needs to give tea with milk. This drink helps the body to produce milk.

Vegetables first, you need to put out or cook. When you decided to RUB raw vegetables and make a salad, then it is necessary to add herbs and vegetable oil.

Vitamins for dogs can be found both in vegetables and special lures, and fruits, especially in apples. Fruits need to be crushed and clean.

In certain cases, you can give the dog the crackers that are perfect for the development of the jaw muscles. It also fits shredded carrots.

The diet of adult dogs in the home menu for a puppy is almost indistinguishable. After a year the animal to feed only twice a day. An increasing number of products. Vitamin and mineral foods must add, given the age of the animal. In the role of treats will fit the chopped Apple, carrot, low-fat cheese.

When you feed a Chihuahua banned some products

In daily menu puppy, as adult dog should not in any case be the following products:

  • sausage – it is advisable not to give anything from your table, just as the promotion of low-fat cheese;
  • pork – it is because of the high fat overload the liver of the animal;
  • canned;
  • nuts;
  • radishes;
  • raw fish;
  • salt;
  • smoked;
  • spices;
  • pickled;
  • onions;
  • sweet;
  • cabbage;
  • sweet peppers;
  • milk;
  • tubular bone;
  • legumes.

If you still decided to give milk to your pet, then you should do it not often and always watch the stool of the animal. If the body of the puppy is unable to cope with milk preferably permanently abandoned.

If anything you will start to give of forbidden foods, then pretty quickly your pet will start to appear problems in the digestive tract. For example, can develop gastritis.

Useful tips

To care for your Chihuahua is necessary right way to make your pet comfortable. Feeding constantly use the following rules:

  • Do not ever feed your pet from your table. Teach your dog to diet: Chihuahua obliged in due time have its place. An exception may be fruits, vegetables and low-fat cheese, they can be served as a reward.
  • Never feed an animal very cold or hot food. The food is only required at room temperature.
  • Daily amount of food should be divided evenly into smaller portions for the whole day. Be careful as eating the animal. If the food left after feeding, it means that the animal this amount of food a lot. When the dog continues to lick the bowl, the feed volume should slightly increase.
  • In the summer season it is advisable to feed the animal once a day. However, the dog should always have access to clean water. The water should not be boiled or from the tap. It is advisable to buy clean bottled water or use a filter. To replace the water in the bowl, 3-4 times a day.
  • Natural products must be of high quality. When the products began to disappear, they must immediately throw away, the dog is not poisoned. Always wash your vegetables and fruits. Great attention should be given to fermented milk products: yogurt, cottage cheese, the curd is constantly required to be fresh. Otherwise disturbed bowel function.
  • No need to overdo it – it is strictly forbidden to overfeed a dog. Otherwise not to avoid problems with animal health. For example, this could lead to malfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, obesity of the dog.
  • To promote do not use cookies or candies. This is best suited to a piece of raw carrot, fruit or low-fat cheese.
  • If the animal has diarrhea began, stop for a day to feed him. And the Chihuahua must be access to water. If after two days the diarrhea has ended, and the dog has no appetite, it is necessary to address urgently to the vet.
  • No need for the days ahead to prepare food from natural ingredients. When you do make blanks, then constantly keep them in the fridge.

It is more convenient to feed than a Chihuahua decides individually each owner, based on the preferences of your dog. It should be noted that these animals have a pretty fast metabolism, because the good work of the gastrointestinal tract, they are obliged twice a day to go “at large” need.

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