K-80 Krieghoff (Krieghoff), rifles

In 1980, the German weapon business Krieghoff of Ulm began creating sporting activities double barrel shotgun K-80 design which is a up-to-date variation of the shotgun K-32, produced in 1950 and was practically a complete copy of the Remington-32.

Like whatever that is made by the Krieghoff, K-80 is a design of armour, excellent capturing performance which are enhanced by fine-tuned design, to please the most requiring aesthetic requirements.

Summary weapons K-80 Krieghoff (Krieghoff)

Smoothbore sporting gun K-80 is a double-barreled bokflint, charging a damaged barrel. From the ordinary «« shotgun » it features a precision manufacturing quality trunks and also mechanisms. The arms of Ulm warranty that the weapon can endure at the very least a million shots, after which it needs no repair services, as well as adjusting.

The barrels are threaded on the muzzle, permitting you to install the nozzle in different chokes. They are linked by a Central plate, as well as coupling, as is done in domestic consolidated IZH-94 on the basis of the IZH-27.

The manufacturer uses bokflint in a number of variations, which vary not only in quality however also the type of discovery mouldings as well as layout of the Lodge. The athlete can select one of the most convenient setup. The opportunity of tuning «« by hand » if necessary. By changing the efforts of descent and also the elevation of the trigger.

Steel parts of the rifle is enhanced with optimum beauty. Engraving and also etching decorate the receiver, release lever and trigger guard.

Disadvantages and benefits
  • The gun item, hand-built, its top quality can be taken into consideration as a recommendation. Shooting efficiency is really high. The professional athlete can educate with this gun all my life as well as not to feel that «« outgrown » it.
  • The manufacturer supplies a set of five choke restrictions, from cyndrical tube 0– 0.2-reinforced Coka 1,00/ 0,4. Likewise in the collection of alternatives 5 types of sighting bars.
  • There is the alternative of personalizing the initiatives of descent and also the size of the trigger.
  • The securing device stands up to greater than one million shots, after which it needs a service and adjusting. It is worth noting that the weapon is not made for the use of more powerful powder costs and shooting bullets.
  • Unskilled shooters can cause hassle power ekstragirovanija cartridges. They are just in the eye, so it takes ability to go down to the side.
  • A weapon of your device is much more challenging as well as thinner than the searching shotgun, so take care of with care, almost like a crystal vase. At an expense of even more than 6 hundred thousand rubles is obtained as if by itself.

For usage in searching it is hard– nearly four kgs. This is a specialized sporting activities tools.

Krieghoff K-80 (picture)

Purpose In the first place– is sporting activities devices that enables to attain high outcomes. Naturally, you can use on the hunt, although using bullets as well as powder costs enhanced strongly not recommended. Ranges The supplier supplies a number of alternatives intended slabs and also boxes, which allows you to « build » a weapon one-of-a-kind configuration.» Taken care of aerated viewing strips 76

  • and also 81 cm Flexible straps Trap Special, Doppeltrap Special Unsingle Trap, Trap Topsingle. Lodges are always constructed from strong Turkish walnut

. 3 types of the lower arm, varying in the form and also location of the notches. The same sorts of butts that can be with the supposed Bavarian cheek or otherwise, with a smooth comb or pillow « Monte Carlo », which «, consequently, provides set or height flexible. Specs Function The worth Type Shotgun, bokflint Gauges 12, 20, 28,.410 Lengthof stems(mm)760 or 810 Establish jokovich contractions C, IC, M, IM, F Weight(the entire length, as well as combined ina muzzle combining kg)Of 3.96 Style Double-barreled shotgun with a smooth barrels prepared up and down(bokflint). Packing a crack of shafts, which do not have connection along

Rib ventilated. Muzzle areas have a threaded part for placing an exchangeable constriction from

cylinder head to finish the choke. In the center part of the trunks set up the clutch with the Cam, which is made use of to change the setting of the barrels in sotrile– procedure modification, permitting to acquire a solitary factor of get in touch with.

  • In the set up rifle it is closed fore. Securing double straight forend as well as lock. An army of drummers done at the time of
  • the securing blocks of the trunk. The fuse is automatic, it has a complete unlock, permitting you to not transform it off throughout the competitors prior to each shot. The trigger mechanism with one hook. There is an opportunity to set order causes actuation
  • of the trunk. The selector lever is under the trigger guard, before the hook. There is a possibility of change
  • initiatives descent(nominally 1.25 kg) and also height modification trigger. Bed timber Turkish walnut, polished. Supplier are three types of the lower arm, varying in the shape and size of notches for hold, and the exact same kinds of butts with the flexible shock-absorbing butt pad. There are Gladki and pillows « Bavarian cheek », « Monte-Carlo »(fixed as well as flexible elevation ). Picking and packing The weapon comes disassembled. Packed in a difficult coffer-tube
  • , encased outside with leather and lined inside with maroon velour. Total with flexible straps viewing they are put separately from the trunk. Provided with the secrets for the adjustment of the efforts of descent, the size of the hook as well as «the elevation of the»recoil pad, as well as the installation of muzzle accessories.
A set of 8 barrel spacers(

couplers )for different kinds of muzzle of the tightenings and also law of costrel. Applied cleaning certification, package as well as handbook. The principle of KRIEGHOFF K-80 defined below. The concept of operation The weapon is

billed a fracture of the barrel block. For this purpose the launch lever on the back plate of the receiver is offered to the right till it stops. When locking the trunks, squad projectile takes place. The fuse is caused automatically. Have the capacity to disable it totally, which is useful for competitions– before the shot is not needed to relocate up. For Astrela( obtain a solitary factor of contact ), use a nozzle under of the barrel various elevation marked on the body. For their installment it is essential

  • to revolve the screw-eccentric combining linking the barrels at the leading edge of the lower arm. To transform or set up nozzles muzzle narrowing made use of the socket provided. Eliminate the plug strings with a muzzle. After that, the nozzle is mounted with the preferred constricting. Setting up as well as disassembly Unlike the
  • practical hunting shotgun, the barrel block K-80 has the normal hook which he hooked onto the shaft of the receiver. The principle of the Assembly is virtually the very same. Take the butt supply to the receiver in your left hand and the barrel block to
  • the. Confirm that the ejectors are included completion. Take the launch lever to the right till it stops. Place the barrel block within the receiver to ensure that the pairing
angle was about 45 0. The barrel block has a

lower extending pin-axle. They are introduced right into interaction with the bars platoon USM, which takes a little pressure on the breech of the barrels from the top down. To

  1. elevate trunks in a horizontal position, shut the bar lock, putting it parallel to the axis of the supply. Draw the lock on the bottom of the forearm and also set it in place(a triangular tooth-the projection on the reduced trunk), firmly pushed to the barrel block.
  2. To relax the butt plate to the strong surface area as well as pull the lower arm down to ensure that it breaks on with a characteristic audio. See to it the lower arm is installed effectively.
  3. To do this, swipe palm across the interface from receiver to butt plate as well as back. Everything was done properly if never ever caught. The cost and also the evaluations about the weapon, Krieghoff K-80 (krieghoff k80 )is offered below. Cost and also reviews The cost of showing off guns K-80 starts from six thousand rubles.
  4. This is a weapon for greater showing off accomplishments. His possibilities for newbie extreme.

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