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Turkish manufacturers supply to our market a multitude of quality weapons for business and entertainment hunting, which is established and has positive testimonials from their owners.

Analysis of the readily available technological features in mix with a range of options from the schedule Kral will certainly permit you to choose one of the most appropriate for each user of the rifle.

Today unique interest is not only the Tundra, but the design Kral Kinematix, which has for a very long time showed itself as an excellent quality professional weapon that can have widespread usage. This version appropriates for the adhering to objectives: training precision, contend in sporting activities capturing as well as for self defense. As well as external information (small size and also reasonably light weight) allow the usage of the carbine design Kral Tundra and also for mentor newbies.

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Turkish shotguns developed for searching and also training precision, is well proven in area trials. Their integrity and also thoughtful style, a lot of positive testimonials as well as high competition has actually made certain boosted rate of interest in the Turkish versions of searching rifles. And model Kral Kinematix, turning into one of one of the most popular for a short period of time, came to be a design in several ways: look, quality of shooting, examines proprietors and buyers. All these specifications permit us to understand the level of top quality of the carried out work with development of versions, its level of reliability as well as benefit in operation.

Perfect timeless design with modern polymeric products of enhanced toughness, and natural materials (wood resilient varieties of trees) offers a constant interest of the customer. Indicators of capturing will certainly offer pleasure not only for newbies but likewise for professionals.

The possibility of training accuracy and also using the carbine for fun, self-defense allows you to name Kral Kinematix among the thoughtful, as well as has excellent prospective for usage carbines. In the aesthetic appeal it has a high accuracy of fire, discovery and variety, which provides a high first rate of a bullet. Using the rifle Kral Kinematix can affect how close the stationary target as well as at a range (of the order of 80-120 metres), as well as in motion.

The mix of benefits and also disadvantages, establish the total evaluation of the high quality of capturing from this version, and their evaluation makes it possible to envision exactly how thought out it is, if there are any kind of problems.

Disadvantages and also benefits

Vital qualities that can be attributed to the merits of any type of model hunting rifle, ought to consist of the adhering to qualities:

  • appearance as well as layout;
  • simplicity of use;
  • safety and also safety assurance;
  • the firing prices.

And also for the version Kral Kinematix these attributes are the most significant, because for all the provided items of advantages in comparison with the very same options for modern searching rifles Kral Kinematix it can be called among one of the most properly designed and easy to use.

Inertial semi-automatic rifle for expert searching of this version has a timeless design with a polymer material defined by high strength as well as resistance to mechanical anxiety. A perfectly straight trunk with a relatively tiny weight, is made from light-weight light weight aluminum alloy by cool forging, which assures the most effective striking the target despite external problems.

Numerous owners as an important benefit considering the rifle note the thoughtful layout of the rifle. A fairly easy device supplies the possibility of making a quick partial disassembly of weapons, which is needed for the enhancement of the rifle or its repair work and also cleaning.

The publication capacity is 5 +1 cartridge, which is enough for firing. The installation of the expansion tube of the barrel is likewise among the essential benefits of this model.

The presence of plastic limiter makes sure shooting safety, smooth running of the trigger ensures a high performance each shot. Made form and also functional designs of each layout information give the greatest simplicity of procedure of the rifle. Accuracy soldering all links, a perfect equilibrium of all the parts of the rifle provides you the ability to adore the procedure of using this weapon for hunting and amusement purposes.

As well as the possibility of usage of cartridges of numerous caliber as well as type provides extra possibilities for application. The chrome barrel, you can now make use of steel shot.

Picture Kral Arms Kinematix Wood Yarı

Purpose Supplier version Kral Kinematix «was conceived as a hunting rifle, but in practice this gun has shown itself to be « excellent », with larger use. Opportunity training level precision, utilize a carbine for self-defense and also shooting sports, as well as entertainment industries — — exceptional high quality of the design.

  • Today for sale is a variation of this version, designed making use of natural timber (timber Turkish walnut, which has high resistance to external influences).
  • The caliber of both types — — 12/76 can be utilized cartridges of almost all manufacturers. As shown by the responses, the outcome of firing the ammunition producer of the effect has not.

The below specifications Kral Kinematix provide an understanding of the performance of the made shots. Additionally the technological qualities permit to review the design’s abilities, the possibility of its application at the defeat the objective of the various dimension as well as different distance.

Specifications Carbine Kral Kinematix
Native land Turkey
Appointment Hunting, sport capturing
Sight Inertial semi-automatic rifle caliber 12/76
Capability cartridges 5
The complete length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 710 mm
The height of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide layer

Lightweight aluminum alloy made barrel really light, which has a positive effect on the whole entire style of the rifle. Easy layout model Kral Kinematix makes it feasible to use the carbine, even beginner shooters, as well as the visibility of two Kurkov provides precision as well as simplicity of shots.

Bar cocking Kurkov substantially improved on the butt there are swivels for installation of the belt.

Packing and also choosing

Carbine Kral Kinematix is packaged in a soft polymer film for security from mechanical impacts, and when he is placed in container durable box. Carbine is put on the specific key and a certification of high quality.

The principle of procedure

The concept of operation of the version Kral Kinematix is fairly simple, making it simple to collaborate with him. The visibility of add-ons on the barrel provides for higher effectiveness make every shot.

To make the shot to send the cartridge in a carbine, then by pushing the trigger the activity of the springtime on the cartridge, triggering the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel as well as fire a round.


Disassembly Kral Kinematix can be made for repair service, when cleansing the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of package is a screw which easily Unscrew. Fiber optic front sight is removed by eliminating the nuts from the stem of package.


To boost the design can be used to alter the front view as well as forend, as well as install the optical sight. Lots of owners consider this carbine is not in need of carrying out enhancements.

Testimonials as well as rate Kral Kinematix defined listed below.

The item rate

Depending upon the range can vary the expense model and it is 27 130 — — 28 050 rubles. This cost is equal to the expense of, for instance, models such as the saiga-MK, VEPR-223 PIONEER, Vepr-9 (VPO-139), Mr-155, HPE-208 etc.

Owner examines

Exactly how to locate purchasers, the version Kral Kinematix has an eye-catching «« look» » at the expense of performance in the classic design without unneeded detail, and also with making use of polymer challenging, impact-resistant products as well as natural timber. Comfortable and also sophisticated style with ergonomic information give maximum comfort during procedure of the rifle as well as an excellent firing rates provide specific hit in the function.

Several proprietors is an affordable price version, which provides a consistent demand for it.

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