Remington 597 VTR, rifled gun

Features of the rifle from the firm Remington is that it is a small-caliber tool allows you to address various tasks for civilian use. What can be called definitive in making use of these rifles.

Today one of the most acquainted kind of hunting is the prey of birds or big game that not just permits to solve the overpopulation of the regional animals, however the loot within specific regulative limitations.

This does not contradict the lawful framework of Russia, yet also allows to carry out regulatory because of the ejection of the animals.

Review of carbine Remington 597 VTR

Vintorez with a famous name Remington 597 is a semi-automatic small-caliber publication-rifle made in the USA. The manufacturing of such weapons created in the adhering to calibers:

  • In quality 22 LR in the English version of the lengthy rifle — «— « long rifle », 5.6 x 15mm R.
  • The.22 WMR in the English variation — — the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, where one of the variations of the name of 5.60 mm Winchester Magnum or 22 Magnum, 22 Mag.

In the area of technology is samozaryadnyj rifle, with a loading mechanism of the rifle the Remington trigger system is udarnikov and also mixed types. The place of the trigger — — based trigger, where the place of the projectile on the body of the stopper, the system is spring-loaded. Release of spent cartridges is made with the option of tough thrower and a trustworthy reflector.

Today it is the most ideal guns for amateur vacationers as well as specialist seekers who want to enjoy in the method of searching.

Disadvantages and advantages

The primary advantages of the rifle are the trigger system rifle Remington 40-X design is similar to the trigger devices of the X-Mark Pro. Additionally, the professionals noted the following favorable aspects:

  1. Thick-walled barrel of cast steel with a size of 40, 00 cm
  2. For the manufacture of the receiver made use of alloy steel.
  3. Strong steel without contaminations went into the layout of the slide.
  4. Light modern plastic product for the handle and also butt.
  5. The excellent geometry of the shapes, enabling the weapon fits flawlessly in the hand when capturing as well as aiming.

An unfavorable factor is the small store and also not always accurate removal of the coverings after firing, the cartridge instance sometimes just obtains stuck in the barrel.

Carabine Remington 597 VTR


Purpose Remington this series is flawlessly adjusted for searching, particularly tiny video game and birds. Many thanks to the excellent precision of the shot carbine is vital for the manufacturing of marsh and also waterfowl reps of the bird globe.

Appropriate for shooting sporting activities and also various other private targets carbine Remington 597 VTR, and also to obtain the abilities of the shooter.


Wide adequate product range of the rifles of the Remington firm enables to please the most different demands of its owners. Today, the Remington 597 in the marketplace is one of one of the most preferred small-caliber publication rifles semi-automatic kind. Producer Flag of the United States. svg USA generates two alternative qualities:

  • Caliber weapons. 22 LR, 5, 6 * 15mm R.
  • Hunting rifle type caliber Magnum. 22 WMR.

The complying with are particular rifles Remington 597 VTR cal. 22 LR, 5, 6 * 15 mm, and so on.

No. Number Ed. izm. Information
1 Quality mm . 22 LR
2 The ability of the shop cartridge 10
3 Store system box detachable
4 Curb weight kg 3, 00
5 Trunk type rifled
6 Total size cm 90, 00
7 The barrel length cm 41, 00

Followers of fans of hunting as well as bench shooting it is popular that the Remington business produces a simple, strong as well as reputable weapon, differing in their design. In the basis of the job used influence heavy shutter, a cost-free and large.

Packing and choosing

The carbine is presented in the trading network in a disassembled state for safety functions. All steel and the barrel parts wrapped in oiled cloth or paper to avoid the effects of dampness on steel.

  • The kit includes individual system certificate, certification as well as certificate of the manufacturer.
  • Here there is a service manual of a carbine.
The principle of operation

The main features in the procedure of working down the shutter are brightened to a mirror finish to perfectly fit the surface area. In the production process shot of the impact mechanism perfectly adapted to resolve a particular problem.

High precision was achieved due to the stiff link of the receiver and also barrel.


Procedures for the Assembly as well as disassembly of the rifle held by the classical plan, fundamental in this sort of tool. For newbies to arms is accompanied by a comprehensive step by step directions, which ought to be sure to check out. It has to be kept in mind that any manipulation of the gun should be released, making sure that the barrel is vacant.

Tuning for this version today is ruled out by the producer. The only element of tuning can be called anti-glare matte coating barrel component.

Evaluations for the product Remington 597 VTR CAMO, 22 Lr, Wmr and also others are offered below.


The carbine remains in a practical rate array, readily available for beginners and those desiring to find out the fundamentals of hunting possibilities– from 280, 00 USD. USA to 355, 00 dollars. USA.

Proprietor reviews

According to the types of social media networks the mass of the views of owners is concentrated in the center degree of the tools, convenience of usage as well as low cost per duplicate.

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