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Option of quick modification barrels give a gun business. Yet the company Steyr Mannlicher went the farthest. Its the Luxus version has a modular layout, allowing the proprietor of the rifle to an Arsenal one certificate.

Summary rifle Steyr Mannlicher Luxus

Rifle with a longitudinally gliding gateway as well as detachable shop. The barrel is made by cool rotating creating, the external surface of the left spiral grooves, it seems twisted. It is a brand-new function of rifles Steyr Mannlicher.

An attribute of the layout is modularity. By loosening one screw on the shank is eliminated it itself and also the barrel. The owner can transform the layout of the receiver, picking a design overlays– wood, Nickel silver, inscription.

The rifle has a gorgeous performance: utilized the finest wood, the surface area of the steel parts is processed, a receiver enhanced with laser engraving. The weapon comes from the group of elite, and also is over half a million rubles.

Disadvantages and also benefits

Remarkable craftsmanship, great ergonomics of the Lodge as well as of the entire framework.

  • Applied system SBS 96– three-position dial on the neck of the buttstock, operating, trigger mechanism. It provides a high level of safety and security in the use of weapons.
  • The modular layout enables you to conveniently change the barrels, and within the very same caliber group does not need to change the stem bolt.
  • The shutter obtained 2 extra pairs of lugs, as well as a rotatable ring overlaping the slots in the breech ring when revolving the larvae. Due to this boosted thickness lock, have actually boosted ballistic residential or commercial properties of the barrel.
  • In rifle there are no plastic components that are commonly used in all designs of Steyr Mannlicher. For example, the trigger guard, shop, wheel, system SBS 96. For fans of the standards– this is a significant and also.
  • Pre-installed Picatinny rail, a set of external discovery tool, adjustable horizontal back view and also front view, the elevation of which can be altered.
  • The store has 2 settings– installed to the location as well as progressed to half. This works for shut off rifles in area problems, since to get rid of the shop to avoid the supply of a cartridge in the chamber, is not needed.
  • The trigger Assembly has a setting of shneller, it is possible to readjust the stroke size and also the pressure on the trigger.
  • The rifle can be adapted for people with fundamental the left hand.
  • The screw is very limited consisted of in the slots of the receiver. Moving smooth and no jams in the severe placements. Arrow is not needed to develop the skill of consistent motion when running take care of shutter. The thickness of breeding components, also in ideal problems– completely dry, relatively warmth causes the shutter to move somewhat more difficult than, for example, in Remington 700. In addition, when making use of inappropriate lubrication and also enlarging in the cool the shutter can be completely obstructed.
  • Reduce of disassembly– getting rid of the barrel and also forearm, it is sufficient to Unscrew one screw, recommends that the style is not adequately reputable, especially when making use of Magnum ammo. The unpreventable tolerances in the joints of the barrel as well as receiver will influence the shooting performance of the rifle. With intensive use it will shed goals.

Photos of the Steyr Mannlicher rifle — — Luxus mod. 243

Purpose This rifle largely for chassis and driven pursues. When utilizing optics it is feasible to defeat targets at distances up to 300 meters. Selections As basic the receiver the rifle has a cellular lining of aluminium covered laser inscribed. Bed from walnut timber normal class.

Options of decor of the receiver:

  • plates of timber;
  • Nickel silver overlay inscribed by hand;
  • Nickel silver overlay chiselled as well as hand-engraved gold.

Additionally, the screw manage can be in the kind of a level tablet with a convex side, and sphere. Available with gold layered trigger. Optional bed models made from wood quality «« additional », with whimsical all-natural pattern.

Evaluation the characteristics of Steyr Mannlicher Luxus is offered listed below.

Traditional determines Quality Magnum
Kind A repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Gauges .243 Win., 6.5 × 55 SE,.270 Win., 7 × 64, 7mm-08 Rem,.308 Win.,.30-06 Spr., 8x57IS, 9.3 × 62 7 mm Rem. Mag.,.300 Win. Mag.,.270 WSM,.300 WSM, 8x68S,.375 H&H Mag.
Barrel length (mm) 580 (mountain carbine), 600 650
Capacity 3 +1 2 +1
Complete length (mm) 1023 (mountain carbine), 1115 1150
Weight (kg) 3,3 (hill carbine), 3,4 3,6

Rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) bolt.

  • The barrel is stainless steel made by cold rotating building. The external layer– Mannox, it’s dark, anti-glare. To get in touch with the receiver on the bottom of the breech, there are two rectangular axle, moistening returns. The top of the breech has a plate walk, shuts the receiver at the top. It installed Picatinny rail.
  • The receiver is metal, milled from a solid billet. It has a rectangle-shaped random sample, it lies in the container store and also the trigger.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable stroke length, the pressure responsible. Setting of shneller. Safe control system of USM– SBS 96– has three placements:
    • the red dot on the wheel– Fire mode;
    • white dot on the wheel– Stop mode;
    • white dot and a tab– Lock.
  • There are a number of exterior discovery gadgets. The rear view is flexible horizontally, open up the fly– elevation.
  • Foregrip detachable, with female conclusion. It has a rectangular cross-section, the side surface areas of the used notch for convenience of grasp.
  • The handgun grip is level, strong, with a big location of the cut. Butt with a comb-type «« hog-back» » as well as Bavarian cheek. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, taken care of.
Packing and also selecting

The rifle can be found in a difficult carrying case. In the plan shop, extra bolt (on an additional group quality), a collection of tools for disassembly, adjustment of the trigger, rear view and also front sight. In the broadened arrangement may be a barrel of another caliber. User’s manual, certificate, ticket.

The principle of procedure
  • Before packing the rifle wheel security is put in the position of the Stop noticeable white dot on the wheel. Store got rid of, why it is necessary to at the same time press the two latches on the bottom of the receiver. The cartridges are piled in 2 rows. The shop is embeded in area with an unique click.
  • If you want to add an additional cartridge in the chamber, it is essential to elevate the manage 600, take the screw as well as placed the ammo out the window of launch linings. After that, eviction shuts and also there is an army of the projectile, shows the shank of the demonstrator, going out at 3 mm from the butt pad screw.
  • To enable the setting of shneller the trigger is shifted ahead, off and also backwards. USM weapons in this case need to be in placement STOP.
  • For a shot the wheel is transforming from the butt to the back plate of the receiver, until the red switch. In the Fire placement the bolt is free, he is held only lugs larvae within the hook with the breech of the barrel.

Lock safety– on the wheel there is a gray springtime packed button is made use of when transferring the rifle, and disassembly. In the initial situation, the bolt manage is forcibly recessed in the groove of the box and locked it. To restore her wheelchair, it is essential to push the trigger or relocate the wheel to the Stop position. If the handle does not wedge, that is, the possibility of loss of the stopper during shift.

  1. Expel from the receptacle.
  2. Elevate the screw take care of, put the wheel on SBS in the Lock position.
  3. Draw the bolt back as well as take it out of the receiver.

To transform the trunk take the vital provided with– slotted screwdriver in the collection of arising tools.

  1. Remove the screw located under face of forearm, front of the bunker store.
  2. Glide the handguard to the muzzle and also separate it from the receiver.
  3. Turn the barrel and also eliminate it from the rectangular axle friends to the receiver.
  4. Eliminate the screw behind the trigger guard and also separate the receiver from the supply.

Weapons, gates as well as stores of one group are noted with the same mnemonically– triangular, celebrity, circle. They are applied to the breech, a maggot or feeder shop.

Rate and also owner evaluations on the carbine Steyr Mannlicher Luxus is offered listed below.


The cost of the rifle begins with 250 thousand rubles. It depends upon the quality, distribution as well as style.


The rifle requires careful and also mindful perspective. Accuracy of fight not larger than one MOA. Recoil quality Magnum sharp as well as strong.

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