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TOZ-34– Tula shotgun with a nearly famous background. The original layout, durability, dependability and also high quality of workmanship guarantee its enduring popularity

TOZ-34 is one of the most well-known in the USSR dual barrel shotguns for searching. The first sample was launched in 1965 at the Leipzig fair, where he was granted a gold medal for creativity of design. Serial production was started in 1969, and also the model has actually been boosted– it showed up the ejector. This is the year of manufacture of the weapon TOZ-34.

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Double-barreled tool has one undeniable advantage: the speed of the second shots is determined by the speed of activity of the finger from one trigger to an additional. The shotgun is better well balanced than a solitary — «— « bytoviki », although this home does not refer to each model.

TOZ-34– a kind of legend. The shotgun is identified by high precision, prekladatelu as well as balance. Offered as typical such as the piece in the memento. This is an intriguing layout: embossing, complex engraving tough.

Experts suggest to purchase a version that was launched prior to 1990, and also later on the develop high quality as well as machining parts, sadly, decreased noticeably.

Disadvantages and advantages

The rifle TOZ-34 comes from the group of a smoothbore shotguns. Made under 4 scale. The first version was utilized as the basis for a number of different alterations. The barrels are designed for bullets with paper, plastic as well as steel cartridge instances. The latter reduces the precision of the fight, concerning which the supplier cautions.

TOZ-34 has the complying with advantages.

  • Pattern is a crucial indication for a hunting rifle. Versions serial version, precision when firing from 35 m at a target with a diameter of 7.5 mm is for the top of the barrel 60, to reduced– 50. Boxed numbers slightly even worse than the 65 as well as 55, respectively.
  • For firing you can make use of the basic cartridges, filled with shot, buckshot or bullets to cartridge cases with a size of 70 mm.
  • The rifle has a light weight– not greater than 3.3 kg, which is really convenient for sea hunting.
  • Stem channels and bolts chrome plated, it improves the precision of the fight.
  • Connection boxes as well as trunks executed on the initial circuit– ring joints. This remedy calls for a very precise fit of projections and also grooves, however it gives reduced placement of the trunks. Design is not only comfy, but also looks much more visually pleasing.
  • The barrel TOZ-34 is secured to the hook receiver combinings through a large gate structure. The tool is extremely basic, but makes certain lengthy life of the rifle 12 thousand shots is ensured by the maker, in technique, the indicators substantially higher.
  • The device of the strikers– demonstrators different for each and every trigger uses smooth descent with cocking. Furthermore, there are spoilers– obstructed triggers to stop unintended shot.

The architectural feature of the rifle TOZ-34 is an uncommon technique of splitting up of the trunks. The operation is somewhat complicated, particularly when dealing with a new gun, which caused the failure of internal triggers. To avoid this, a rifle TOZ-34 there was a check box on the right side. Currently, to divide trunks, it is only needed to transform the flag down.

  • Manufactured models TOZ-34, not only with a smooth — — under 12, 20 as well as 28 gauge, however with rifled barrels. Likewise, the supplier supplies a rifle in which the barrels are incorporated: the upper was a rifle quality 5.6 mm cartridges ring of ignition, as well as bottom– smooth under 20 or 28 gauge.
  • Another unusual attribute TOZ-34 is repaired by screws on the «« head » of package, a removable plate. This permits the proprietor to get rid of the resulting void in between the breech as well as cut the «« head » of package, safeguarding the metal

plate. The imperfections of the TOZ-34 is the following.

  • USM utilized springtimes is u-shaped. Integrity of the springs wants, which causes their distortion.
  • When shooting ammunition with metal cartridge instance lowers the accuracy.

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  • Purpose TOZ-34 is available in various qualities that involves numerous applications. The rifles chambered for 12 gauge utilized for searching all kinds of video game as Amateurs, and professionals. This is the most preferred caliber.
  • TOZ-34 16 gauge showed up much later on. Has lighter recoil as well as is made use of to collect fur-bearing animals.
  • 20– frequently used for commercial searching. The powder fee in the ammunition 20 gauge is tiny and also produces a weak return. For that versions of this kind are often called ««»women »
  • . 28– normally charging a little shot and also shot and also used for hunting birds as well as little video game such as rabbit, Prairie pet dogs.

Tula plant created the sports version, nonetheless, the fantastic popularity she obtained. Note that this manufacturer additionally understood for such models as models TOZ-122, 120, 99, 78, 88, Argali, KO-44, SKS OP and so on.


Today there are several variations of rifles having various structural attributes.

  • TOZ-34 P— basic version with extractor: cartridge case ejector expands. Butt furnished with rubber butt pad.
  • TOZ-34E— different approach of removal of the sleeve: it has the ejector that discards the core.
  • TOZ-34EP— furnished with a rubber and also an ejector recoil pad on the butt.
  • TOZ– 34-5,6/ 28, incorporated variation with an upper rifle barrel under a. 22 LR and a smooth bottom under rifle cartridge. The version is manufactured in tiny series, was fitted with a telescopic sight.
  • TOZ-34-55 «« bison »– also a crossbreed model, but with a lower threaded at 9 * 53 mm and also the top is smooth. Was equipped with an optical view. This model is boxed.
  • TOZ-34-1— single-barrel rifle, developed based upon the timeless TOZ-34.
  • TOZ-34 W— present version. Boxed rifle with embossing or inscription on chrome steel.

There were numerous designs– TOZ-84, TOZ-91, TOZ-200, however, for one factor or one more in the production were introduced. With the exemption of TOZ-120.

Requirements TOZ-34 is described below.


Efficiency characteristics not considerably different. In fact, the distinction is just the precision in serial as well as single-piece models.

Setups TOZ-34 TOZ-34 W
Caliber 12 12
Barrel length, mm 711 711
Capturing precision is 35 meters, and percent Upper barrel 60 65
The reduced trunk 50 55
Trigger pull, kg 1,5-2,5 1,5-2,5
Weight, kg Not greater than 3,15 Not more than 3,15
Weight with rubber butt pad, kg Not greater than 3.2 Not more than 3.2

The design of the TOZ-34 special and also extra in any type of design are not duplicated. Many thanks to this gun, regardless of the weakness of the shooting springtime, stays one of one of the most famous, not just due to the convenience, yet due to the high functioning life.

  • Weapons rifle as well as are detachable in the upright plane. Secured breech sleeve as well as additional straps. The straps are as solid sighting and also ventilated. Receiver networks chrome plated. Lower as well as upper have different contraction: the reduced 0.6 mm, top– 1.0 mm. In the nonclassical design of constricting of the various other.

Attaching trunks with a box unique: it is used partially removed to give splitting up of the trunks, the annular hinges.

The locking mechanism is made with the assistance of these components and the securing structure.

  • The size of the cartridge chamber 70 mm, the component chrome. When opening the trunk, the removal of the coverings is lugged out. While in the TOZ-34 sleeve expands extractor, and TOZ-34 E– automated extractor (ejector). It just eliminates the made use of cartridge situation: if the second barrel is not terminated, the cartridge just somewhat extends.
  • USM placed on a different base, is fitted with an inner trigger and 2 trigger hooks. To stop unexpected discharge, the device installed obstructed Kurkov. Pointers cocking Kurkov ensure the safety and security of usage of the gun. There is a mechanical security that locks the sear. Button before the position indicates a «« fire » in the «back « defense ».
  • On the appropriate side of the box is put a check box that allows you to streamline the separation of the trunks.
  • Handguard integrally cast– the two components is dealt with to the barrel with screws.
  • On the neck butt of a pistol shape. Has a withdrawal. Designs are available with drainage to the. The stock is made from beech, birch, walnut.
Packing and also picking

Common devices depends upon the model. Generally, it consists of:

  • cardboard box;
  • 2 spare mainspring;
  • the key of the item.

Model TOZ– 34-5,6/ 28 as well as «« bison » are furnished with a telescopic view.

The concept of procedure

Initial layout means not the typical order of interaction of the parts during the opening as well as closing of the trunk.

However, these attributes make the TOZ-34 hassle-free alternative.

  • Open the trunk, removing the locking bar to the right till it quits. When the lever eliminates the structure shut out of the groove, and the latter presses the trigger. Kuroki free the strikers and those drunk of a springtime pressed over the plate.
  • Bevels trunks put pressure on the cocking bar, he cocks the trigger as well as launches the stop. That under the action of the spring goes down and also secures framework lock
  • Trunks when open do not rotate, because the cocking bar hinges on the box.
  • Cocked triggers, consequently, press the reminders up. Pointers cocking protrude above the airplane of package, which is a signal regarding the cocking.
  • The top bevels of the box under pressure at the ejector, that is advanced, in addition to the shell casings and throw them away.
  • When opening, the hammers remain in the cocked position. This movement rotates the cocking bar, increase the stop. The framework lock is launched, progresses and also locks the shafts. The bar go back to its initial placement.
  • If the locking lever does not get to the areas it requires to bring hand.
  • To fire and also move the fuse in position «« fire»», objective it and also pull the trigger. In this situation the sear disengaged from combat squadron, a trigger is pushed by a springtime, strikes the firing pin.

Keep the rifle unloaded in demand with their trigger. Ammo is kept individually.

What kind of disassembly entails hunting rifle TOZ-34 will be explained below.


For cleaning and also lubrication is partial disassembly TOZ-34. Understand THAT promptly after the shooting, as well as in the case of non-use of rifles– every 3 months.

Before disassembly you need to make sure that the rifle is unloaded is to inspect the cartridges in the chamber.

  1. The safety and security button move forward till it stops.
  2. Shoot: to do this, open openings press both on the descent and smoothly shut the trunks to the locking lever has actually reached its axial placement.
  3. After that check the box move to the right till it stops. The securing bar also moves to the right and also Unscrew the barrels from the receiver.
  4. The lever lock is transferred to the initial position.

Complete disassembly includes the actions, in addition to the separation of package from the bed and the elimination of the trigger. Full disassembly TOZ-34 is required just when repairing.


Modifying for a double-barreled fitting small.

  • It is possible to mount an optical view. It is needed to find the ideal bracket. A significant restriction below is that optical or collimator views you need to try to find with minimal weight: TOZ-34 does not attend to the installation of components considering more than 200 g. in addition, the collimator shot in a hurry when eliminating the gadget will have to shoot once more without it.
  • Typical alteration is replacement of the stock. Serial butts made from walnut, beech, birch, but also carry out the item– engraving and also sculpting.

Reviews and cost on the weapon TOZ-34 is given listed below.


Price of manufacturing of the rifle ranges from 15850 to 18540 R. equipped with ejector and also rubber butt pad. Pieces are substantially more expensive.

Cartridges depending upon the caliber and ballistic characteristics are from 17 to 69 p. per piece. many experienced hunters furnish on your own cartridges.

Owner reviews

Viewpoint of the rifle is split right into 2 components. In one situation speaking about excellent weapons, the failures and misfires in the various other– insurance claim that the TOZ-34 is just one of the very best versions of the former USSR. That, nevertheless, does not negate either the reality that the springtimes are really weak, or that most of the owners want to improve the gun. As an example, to eliminate the blank line from the trigger, as it prevents to contend quick relocating targets.

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