Weapon pistol from the Taiwanese firm Yarrow Model D

In the model schedule recursive weapons in the form variable of the handgun, created by Yarrow, Model D is the most effective, the stress pressure amounts to the crossbows with the rifle bed.

It’s convenient, easy as well as small throwing weapons for recreational capturing at ranges approximately 30 meters.

The description of the weapon

Recursive crossbow in the kind variable of the pistol. Made from aluminum alloy and plastic. The tension pressure of 36 pounds, adequate power for target shooting at ranges up to 30 meters. As ammo is used a dart with a size of 6.5 inches.


This is a tossing tool for recreational shooting at ranges approximately 30 meters. Can be utilized as open locations, and capturing galleries.

Concerning how many meters shoot Yarrow Model D, as well as regarding various other homes, see below.

Disadvantages and advantages

The basis of style– a structure made from aluminum alloy. This raises the reliability and durability of the crossbow. To utilize them without unique preventative measures. The hook behind the branches as well as bushes or unexpected drop will not be for Yarrow Model D deadly.

  • Elastic shoulder enough to make capturing at a distance as much as 30 meters was rather efficient. The arrow enters the dry boards to a depth of 10 mm.
  • On the bottom face of the lower arm, under the overview, there are five round grooves in which fit the replacement screws.
  • Well considered system of string stress. A U-shaped metal brace with hooks. It frees the shooter from having to take up the bowstring by the hands, and also stops its distortion at the toe for a tooth of the trigger.
  • The trigger system is simple, without any travel adjustment. So relocate the trigger tight and also uninformative. The fuse is mechanical, it needs to include on your own. On the one hand, this design is extra harmful. On the other, it is more convenient to utilize (does not change range) from the viewpoint of seasoned shooters. Package fuse is available on both the right as well as left side.
  • There is a strip of the type «« sync » to install optics. However it is short, so safe and secure it can only be a small attack rifle with one-piece install. The rear view and also front view do not have fiber-optic hairs, which makes complex intending.

The rear sight is flexible in one airplane in elevation, offering the possibility to personalize the line of sight depending on the designated firing variety

. Requirements Feature The value Type factor
weapon Bow Recursive Product shoulders Composite Length(cm)42 Tension
force (kg)36 The
speed of the arrow’s flight(m/s)46 Sighting range(
m)30 The layout of the lodges and
overview Aluminum, high effect plastic Size with stirrup(cm )32 Weight (kg) 0,92 A rail for optics There, the ingest’s tail 11 mm. Tool crossbow Yarrow Model D Recursive weapon kind. The shoulders of the composite, the basis of style overview and take care of is aluminum alloy. Bow is connected to one clamping screw in the inner groove large pads which are positive part of the guide. On top of it is a rectangular metal brace for security of the boom from accidentally shifting the premises for flies. Listed below it is mounted(installment of legs in
the grooves)the brace of a metal bar

with a bright ornamental cover.

  • An overview structure placed on the screws with Phillips. Light-weight framework with three rectangular
  • cutouts. On its lower face there are five annular grooves, in which you can keep a supply of arrowheads. The trigger is shielded by the brace, the securing device unregulated, with a mechanical fuse that is turned on and also off by hand. The circuit box is accessible from both sides. The pistol hold is rectangle-shaped in cross section, with a minor bend on the back side
  • . It is provided at an angle of 45 0 to the rail as well as are simple to
  • grab. For the stress of the string is utilized by U-shaped steel brace with a direct loop from the backplate of the take care of and hooks on the ends. She glides over the notches situated on the right as well as left side rail. Picking and also packing Crossbow Packed in the foam box with moving cardboard shell in light gray that says « Yarrow Crossbow
  • gun » and also provides his image.
  • On the box are basic characteristics and also guidelines of use of the weapon(in Russian ). Internal foam box with recesses for information( crossbow comes collapsible )secured in plastic bag. Inside are: the base of the weapon with the manage, an overview pad; shoulders bow; string; 3 light weight aluminum arrowheads 6.5 inches; two closings of the shoulders for securing a bowstring; stirrup; set of securing parts of 2 damping pads, focusing pads, metal plates, bolts and also hex key for him; the handbook and certification. How to utilize Prior to Assembly on the shoulders of «the bow stick(» the adhesive layer and safeguarded with a movie)damping pads, pad, concentrating on the white red stripes.The bow fits within the pad and also is secured with the screw. Pads should not be warped. The stirrup is set up in

    the round hole pads

    1. on its reduced edge. It was not eliminated, break the support on his legs. Loopholes of a bowstring
    2. snapped
    3. in the annular groove plugs
    4. installed on the ends of the bow. It is better to perform
    5. this operation
    6. with each other. To pull the string, hold the brace of the feet, with one hand hold the weapon by the handle, pull the various other brace of nadajniki
    up. When the string
    1. engages with a tooth of the trigger, you will certainly listen to a distinctive click. Place the trigger lock by gliding package forward. Mount the arrowhead on the overview, relaxing completion in the string. Get rid of the weapon from the guard, target at your
    2. target, developing a view placement of the slot of the back sight with the front sight. The opportunity of strengthening Opportunities to enhance the weapon is restricted to a maximum lots that can withstand the tooth of the trigger. At Yarrow Model D it is 80 kgs– a normal percentage(one to 2 ), assuring security of use. Consequently, the only acceptable amplification is twisting the string to secure the bundle of threads, which is done prior to mounting it on the bow. Crossbow pistol Yarrow Model D has actually gotten great reviews, regarding them as well as about the price of the device we will certainly discuss listed below. Prices and testimonials The cost of this crossbow in various on the internet shops varying from 1,500 to 1,900 rubles. The owners of weapons like his power. At a range of 20 meters the arrow,

    getting strength as well as rate, appear the container of sparkling water. The ellipse of dispersion does not go beyond 15 centimeters When shooting at small ranges arrows much backfiring. With careful use the string can stand up to up to numerous shots. To discover a substitute for her can be troublesome. When making use of the stirrup does not create problems, stress. Comparable versions Extremely comparable in layout and requirements are MK 80 designs A1 and A3. A huge component of the items vary

    Yarrow means or an additional comparable per various other, for example, is a Model of F, E, h, and also z. This is simply the main products in this group, the option

    of weapons of this kind are much broader.

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