What to feed chickens: feeding at home

Proper and balanced diet is necessary not only people, but animals. It is very important to choose the right food for chickens from the first days of their lives. First time juveniles should be feed later, 16 hours after birth.

This is necessary in order to make their internal organs and digestive system began to develop. It is noteworthy that Chicks should be fed frequently but in small portions.

How to feed chickens at home: basic tips

First and foremost, you should pay attention to the fact that newborn Chicks alone is not yet know. Growing chickens at home, you should carefully consider their diet, while paying attention to their age.

Often Chicks are fed:

  • food;
  • grain;
  • herbs;
  • vitamin supplements.
The basic rules of feeding Chicks
  1. You should not fill the trough to the end. The feeder should be filled only one-third. This is because birds can trample forage.
  2. You need to ensure that all the birds ate. If someone refuses, then you should isolate him in a separate cage and feed with a pipette. And when the bird will get stronger, you should bring it back.
  3. Chicks should always have access to clean water. Consequently, the troughs should always be clean and ensure that water did not end.
  4. Periodically prevention of various diseases. To do this, the chickens can be given saturated solution of potassium permanganate.
  5. You should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the trough and periodically disinfect it.
  6. It is best to feed at the same time.
What should be included in the diet of the chicken?
  1. Carbohydrates. Birds move a lot, therefore, consume carbohydrates, and those that remain are often stored as fat. Carbohydrates are mainly contained in feed grains.
  2. Protein. It ensures normal growth and development of the body. That chick has got the right amount of protein in his diet should include lentils, oil cakes, and cooked meat leftovers.
  3. Fats. In feed for chickens there is the right amount of fat. Separately to give them is not worth it, because you can cause problems with digestion.
  4. Vitamins. They help to develop normally chicken. However, if this is not enough, it may be a vitamin deficiency. And this is the risk that the bird will become vulnerable to different diseases.
What to feed chickens in the first days?
What to feed day old Chicks?

It is noteworthy, that the first 10 days the Chicks should be fed every 2 hours. And the diet should be contain all the vitamins and minerals for normal growth.

Day old Chicks can be fed with worn-boiled eggs or cottage cheese, which previously was mixed with cornmeal or semolina. Please note that for 10 chickens 1 egg, 50 gr cottage cheese, and the same grits.

If we talk about the kas, then the Chicks can be fed barley, wheat. In addition, we should not forget about the starting feed. And also, from the first day the Chicks can feed yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

Speaking about nutrition, broiler, then on the 4-5 day of their lives should be given special feed. It is the feed consists of all the necessary components and vitamins for quick weight gain.

What to feed Chicks a week?

When the chickens reach weeks of age their diet can gradually introduce barley and oats. In addition, we should not forget about greens and dairy products. It is noteworthy, that week Chicks can be fed a little less often – 4-5 times a day. At this age you can gradually start to introduce vitamin supplements. Namely, on the 6th day of life, Chicks can give a shell and chalk. In addition, the corral can put a container of sand, so the chickens will not only swim in it, but peck at the grains. This is necessary in order to improve their digestion.

Features feeding the chickens monthly

After the third week, the Chicks most of their time in the paddock. It is noteworthy, that the grass can be crushed and give small bunches. Should be gradually introduced into the diet of crushed grain and six can be given even whole grains. In food you can also mix meat and bone meal or fish meal.

You should pay attention to the fact that starting 3 months of birds, translate into food for adult birds. Often this grain. We should not forget that the chickens need to constantly eat fresh grass.

Features feeding chickens meat breeds

Broilers are meat as chicken, so you need to try to create conditions for a rapid weight gain. Very important in this process is the food. If correctly to contain and feed the broiler, then 2 months the bird can weigh about 1, 5 kg.

You can select multiple options for growing broilers:

  1. extensive;
  2. intense.

The extensive method involves the farming of poultry only in the warm time of the year. Food in this case consists of feed and different mash. In extensive way the bird will grow for 3-4 months.

If to speak about the intensive method of growing broilers, it is the farming of chickens in the room. In this case, the range is limited, so birds almost do not move. Nutrition consists of a special feed, the composition of which includes protein and proteins. These two components provide quick weight gain.

General tips for feeding broilers

  1. Broilers should be fed special foods. Only so they will quickly gain weight.
  2. If you decide to feed a homemade food, you should be sure that it contains the right amount of protein and proteins.
  3. Definitely in a separate feeder must be gravel.
Features feeding chickens egg breeds

In growing chickens laying hens the main thing – to provide all conditions for their productive life. Unlike the meat breeds, the chickens, hens do not need so often to feed. And diet lies a grain and greens, not feed.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the fact that these chickens will be useful progrevanie feed. Therefore, sometimes in the habitual diet can add 2-2,5% yeast. And also the future laying hens should be periodically feed with vitamins and calcium.

It is noteworthy, that chickens should provide good exercise and a balanced diet. It is important not to overfeed the Chicks.

If to speak in more detail, we can distinguish the following tips:

  1. From the first days of life chickens egg breed, you can give boiled eggs.
  2. These Chicks can be fed with a mixture of fine corn porridge with the addition of fresh cheese. The ingredients should be mixed in a proportion of 5:1.
  3. Food is better just pour the litter into the paper.
  4. With a 5 day life so the chickens can have to start to give both dry and wet food.
  5. After 20 days of life milk can replace dairy products. And little can be done to introduce the boiled potatoes.
  6. Grain is introduced gradually.
  7. The young Chicks can easily have chopped pumpkin, cabbage or greens.

As a result, it should be noted, at first glance, it may seem that feeding the chickens is a simple affair. But it is not so, it is very important that the bird from the first days of their life receive high-quality and balanced diet. In addition, the choice of diet should be based primarily on age, as diet daily and monthly chicken can be very different.

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