House for cats with their hands: how to do

In the homes of many pet lovers live cat – good-natured purring, create, improve mood and help relieve stress. Setting the stage for a kitten, it is important to provide him with comfortable living conditions, that’s why the house will need to have.

Every living creature is important to have a private place where he can feel safe. It is a prerequisite of normal living cats in your apartment. Let’s look at how to build a house for cats with their hands.

Why you need a house cat

Cats tend to love enclosed spaces, that’s why in the wild, they often found themselves a secluded area and in the apartments prefer to hide in boxes, in closets, in boxes on the balcony. That is why the animal will thank the owner, gave him a private nook where you can relax enough to sleep.

The house cat is better to make yourself for the following reasons:

  • Are used only natural materials.
  • You can create a design to your liking.
  • Cheaper than purchase option.
  • It is possible to take into account the size of the premises and the requests of the pet.

Yes, and the process will take a little time and enjoy the true cat person.

Varieties of houses for cats

Homes for cats are varied, the most common types are:

  • couches;
  • booth;
  • hammocks;
  • box;
  • built-in design;
  • mini sofas;
  • complex aircraft systems.

Careful owner with no issues will determine which option is the cat of the house better suited to his pet. Get acquainted with the types of homes for cats in more detail.

The easiest way to do the hammock with his own hands. This small bleed of thick fabric should be mounted on the legs of furniture. This house will not take up much space so ideal for small size apartments. The cat will be able to retire, and the owner will not even notice.

Box – home is gated with walls and roof, in design resembling a dog kennel. Inside the housing is upholstered in a soft covering and be sure to have a special scratching post.

The bed is also simple to manufacture a house cat is in the basket or box with a soft lining. Perfect for sociable cats that do not require privacy. You can make your hands very original couch, which will be the completion of the design space.

Cardboard box, slightly enhanced, is also an ideal home for your cats. But it is important to remember that life is short, soon even the tight box will require replacement.

Built-in design is very convenient being located inside cabinets and lockers, they help hide the cat house, make it part of the design space, while the animal will be comfortable for them to hide.

Cat mini sofas look very stylish, reminiscent of miniature replicas of the furniture, so it will be a real decoration of any interior.

Complex gaming systems are not only the house and a scratching post, but a series of trap doors, slats on which the cat will move. This is a very interesting design, from which any animal will be delighted, but remember – they take up much space in the apartment.

House for cats with their hands: choose materials

You can use completely different materials to create a house for cats with their hands. So, often the owners prefer to equip with this purpose a cardboard box. In this case, it cut a hole on the bottom put the right size pillow, if desired, the wall can be covered with a soft cloth to animal was warmer.

If you intend to make a home-box for the cat, you will need a base, it can be:

  • plywood;
  • DSP;
  • MDF;
  • Board;
  • vine.

Also it is necessary to prepare in advance a house siding from any soft fabric: plush, carpet, drape, felt. To insulate the house perfectly suited to batting, a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber. You can use surviving the fillers of the old jackets and outerwear.

Important! The materials used should be natural and have no peculiar smell, otherwise it does not recognize the new dwelling.

For scratching, if equipped, will require a more durable material.

The size of the house cat
  • The average height shall not be less than 40 cm.
  • The inlet diameter is about 20 cm.
  • Length and width – not less than 40-50 cm.

But this is a General range of sizes, the design of the house it is important to consider the growth of a specific pet.

A cat house with your own hands step by step

We will understand how to make a house cat out of cardboard.

First, you need to pick up materials:

  • The box itself
  • A ruler and a pencil
  • Scissors or a knife
  • Temporatily or glue.

The process is fairly simple:

  • First, on the box, draw all the drawing elements of future house, then they cut out. As a rule, the design included the walls, floor, roof, and floor for the second tier.
  • Next draw and cut out openings for Windows and doors.
  • All design elements are collected and glued together. Need a strong glue or heat gun.
  • Next you should get to work on the second floor: the roof of the first level to make the pass on the second.
  • To combine the two floors into a single design.
  • The house is ready. Left to decorate it.

You can use the basic design: choose the right size box, cut it the door and Windows, to paste the inside with a cloth. Get easy to manufacture and comfortable housing for cats.

It is equally easy to make DIY house for cat made of wood or plywood, shaped like a box.

  • First the drawing, then each element is transferred to wood or plywood, cut.
  • By means of fastening devices, each element connects with the others. But the roof while attaching should not be.
  • The finished design is covered on the inside with a soft fabric, insulated with polyester wadding.
  • Next, attach the roof and to decorate the dwelling.

The process is simple and it is quite cope and beginner. But it is important to remember that manufactured construction should be durable, sustainable, to stay comfortable for pet height.

Cat house-the bunk with his hands

The simplest version of the couches for a cat – with sides and a detachable pillow. One should choose the desired fabric and filler to make a pattern that consists of two parts – the bottom and side. The bottom may be either oval or round or rectangular. For stuffing cushions for the bottom fit the batting, a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, and fabric should be chosen dense.

Very comfortable turns the bed from an old sweater, sew which will not be difficult. You should take the sweater, put it on the table, sew up the cut with a patch on the inside. Now you need to sew the sleeves to the main part of the garment along the entire length to get the oval. Further, the sleeves in the sides stuffed with batting or polyester batting, and the “bottom” is insulated. Then the sleeves are sewed together to close the oval. It’s a great couch, warm and comfortable, not requiring a large consumption of time and materials.

Unusual ideas

To make a house for the cat with your own hands can show imagination using available materials. So unusual and interesting bed get out of an old suitcase lined on the inside with soft insulation.

How to make a house cat out of foam? First of all, you need to use dense foam plates or box the required size. If you have plates, then paste over them with thick material, you get the best bed for the animal, and in the box you can make the dwelling of the closed type.

Interesting option and hammock in a box in a thick cardboard box with the help of special fasteners fit fabric hammock made of thick material. The cat will love it!

Of course, house cats you can buy in the store, but it will be a standard, not to consider the taste of your pet and, in addition, may be made from unnatural materials and the animal will simply refuse from the new dwellings. And fabrication alone helps to avoid these problems – to show imagination, you can make an interesting option in just improvised.

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