How to make a blanket for the cat with your hands

This device can be used to protect the weld from external influences after sterilization of cats and other abdominal operations on the intestines, stomach or bladder. The animal may disturb the wound, to lick or pull the suture material, which causes the infection.

In addition, the seam is treated with special drugs and a cat, licking the wound may be poisoned. Therefore, before the operation it is necessary to take care of special blanket for cats, which helps faster healing of the joint and eliminates the complications. The brace is also used in diseases of the skin for fixation of medical dressings.

Blanket after sterilization can be purchased at veterinary clinics or pet stores. Universal size the factory product will fit almost any cat, as they slightly differ in magnitude. The size of the blanket is easily adjustable using drawstrings or Velcro ® closures.

Advantages of the finished products
  • eco-friendly;
  • have high strength, little prone to tearing;
  • well pass the air, which is essential for the healing of the joint;
  • have a convenient Velcro ® closures.
How to sew a blanket for the cat with your hands

The support is a rectangle of thick fabric with a drawstring waist and cut-outs for paws. To sew a blanket with your hands is not very difficult, it is only necessary to exert a little effort and patience.

For blankets, choose soft, quite dense and lightweight fabric (baize, flannel). To get comfortable to wear a thing that pet does not feel discomfort you need to make a pattern.

You first need to measure animal body parts:

  • the length of the torso from neck to tail;
  • belly between the front and rear legs;
  • the volume of the chest;
  • coverage of the tail and on each paw.

Next, cut out a rectangle the size in length of an animal’s torso, wide in the girth of the abdomen. Find the middle of the ware – fold the rectangle in half. From the bend measure the distance between the front and rear paws, cutouts are made in accordance with the shoulder-elbow and hip joints of cats.

The pattern transferred to the fabric, making the seam, and attached tie-ribbon. To determine the right place for ties is very important, as this determines how well you adjust the brace for the cat.

Postoperative blankets are best made from two layers of fabric to ensure that the product withstood the attempts of the animal to tear his claws and at the same time permit the air to better healing of the joint. The first layer is decorative, and the second from a soft cotton fabric.

The hue of the material it is best to choose light, as there are better types of pollution, discharge and including blood stains. It will immediately draw attention to the health of the animal and promptly contact your veterinarian and change the bandage becomes dirty.

Ties-make ribbon at the neck, in front and behind the front legs, two under the belly and front of the hind legs (about seven pairs of ribbons). Tape must be durable to the animal is not able to break them. Instead of ties are often used clasps with Velcro. They are more practical, well-fixed on the trunk, using Velcro is easier to put on the blanket.

There are other models of garments after sterilization for cats. For example, the product is made in the form of a triangle. The long side wrapped around the cat’s body, and the ends of the fabric tie a knot at the back.

Another type of brace is a rectangle with holes for the front paws, the rest is distributed evenly on the abdomen and secured with ties or Velcro.

Some blankets provide separate holes for the legs and head. In such a blanket the cat feels pretty stiff, so you need to ensure that the animal has had no problems with breathing and free movement.

Sew the blanket with their hands from improvised material

Instead of a dense fabric bandage suitable old clothes: leggings, opaque tights, the sleeves of the turtlenecks, etc. the Fabric should be elastic to tightly fit the body. To make a blanket cut off a piece of sleeve or Trouser size in length of an animal’s torso and put holes for the legs depending on the location of the seam.

Bandage after sterilization put on the cat and fixed a loose knot at the neck. This blanket, made from the material at hand, more convenient for operation. She tightly hugs the body of the animal, gives little discomfort when moving the fabric almost not ride up. The disadvantage of this brace is that it is inconvenient to put on an animal.

To care for a pet it is better to sew two blankets, because at any time you may need to replace the old bandage worn. After surgery, he can get dirty from the drugs failed or the cat goes to the toilet, etc.

The blanket must meet certain requirements:

  • should not hamper the movement of cats;
  • not to contaminated while visiting the toilet;
  • it was easy to put on and take off;
  • ties must not interfere with the cat when you move;
  • a cloth bandage should be well removed;
  • to fit the cat.
How to tie the blanket to the cat

Bandage put on the cat immediately after surgery while the animal is under anesthesia. The blanket after sterilization should not disturb the circulation, the strings try not to tighten too, as the product must not RUB the seam.

At the same time, the bandage should be tied tight enough so the cat was not able to remove it or to cling to something. The long ends of the ties cut off to avoid grasping and suspensions for furniture.

Since the seam has to periodically handle, the brace is not necessarily completely removed. Unleash the last few ties, folded edge of the blanket and doing the necessary procedures.

Wearing blankets after sterilization lasts for 7-10 days, remove the outer seam. Preferably after removal of the seam to keep the cat in the bandage further three days.

The blanket brings discomfort to the animal, so the first time you need to look after the pet, so that the bandage is not damaged. You can distract the cat and switch her interest to something else (games, etc.). After a couple of days, the animal begins to get used to the blanket and not paying enough attention to her.

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