Krieghoff Semprio, rifles

In 2007 out there of searching tools has a really combined framework from German rifle Semprio Krieghoff business.

Its author Wolfgang Schmidt literally transformed within out principle pump-action reloading and also recommended to stagnate the bolt, and also handguard together with the barrel.

Description of the carbine Krieghoff Semprio

Rifle, the design of which is mirrored principle pump-action reloading. She has to open the shutter device relocates the forearm with the barrel.

Belongs to the classification of premium tools, for the year, the firm produces not greater than a thousand Semprio, its cost starts from 450 thousand rubles. Perfect change of all moving parts is matched by an extravagant appearance. Nickel-plated receiver is embellished with an inscription that can be customized.

The rifle is made mostly for driven hunts. It is furnished with a back sight and front sight with a fiber-optic filaments, their placement readjusted in the process of manufacturing tests Semprio target.

Disadvantages and also advantages

Impressive quality of handiwork. It is a weapon that can emphasize the condition of the proprietor. While he has a good capturing performance.

  • A rather unusual approach loader appears hard just right now of associate with a rifle.
  • When reloading rifle open tooth cavity, which are the weapons of traditional layout always stay closed. It is delicate to all kinds of contaminants.
  • A huge location of the rubbing together of parts. The least infringement of the quality of sprucing up, chips and scrapes, the system would certainly jam. The rifle is exceptionally requiring of its web content.
  • The possibility of quick adjustment barrel, as well as distribution can be several blocks handguard– barrel of various quality.
  • Have the possibility to fire the rifle with cocking or to bring it into firing placement manually. This considerably enhances the security of utilizing it.
  • The design of the trigger device enables to readjust the force on the trigger. He likewise has setting shneller.
  • The kinematics of the tool is that at the moment of shot under the activity of the recoil momentum, supporting the shooter’s shoulder moves back, and the hand holding the fore-end, a little leaning onward. This ensures the initial unlocking of the barrel, which enhances the price of fire. Nevertheless, you can not omit the reality that when using cartridges of big capacity, defective ammunition or incorrect position of the Lodge– as an example, no support of the butt plate in the shoulder– complete splitting up (splitting) of the block of the barrel and butt.
  • At the time of refilling the whole set of sights– back view, front view or optical sight is shifted onward. The shooter momentarily sheds the target and might miss it entirely.
  • The rifle is made for driven pursues. For on ranges on the cover of the receiver made the undercut. Their dimension as well as the range between them do not coincide with the basic braces. Will certainly need to get a special ««» bridge » and also scopes of the business Krieghoff. Although for those that have the ability to pay half a million rubles for the hunting rifle it’s a plain detail.

Semprio unattainable to most hunters. She does not possess the special top qualities of tiny. Rifle Remington 700 series (Police LTR TWS, VTR, XCR, VLS, SPS), which are incomparably less costly, a lot higher on this sign.

Krieghoff Semprio (picture)

Purpose The rifle is made for usage on driven hunts in Europe, where the regulation prohibits making use of semiautomatic tools with a publication ability over

  • two rounds. Selections Semprio is readily available in different versions– with polished or blued barrels, different types of engravings on the receiver, Nickel-plated, oxidised or blued bolt carrier.
  • The bed can be with the Bavarian cushion and also without it, and with an opening for the thumb on the neck.
  • On the muzzle is additionally threaded for a silencer or muzzle brake.
  • There are models with a trigger, covered with a titanium alloy or gold.
  • Considerable exterior distinction is the attractive covering of the Lodge. It can be transparent, emphasizing the timber appearance as well as opaque– paint in camouflage shades with a predominance of fiery orange (Blaze Orange) or environment-friendly (Forest Green) color.
Function The value
Motion kind Pump-action, with filling the shear block of the trunk forward
Scales conventional .223 Rem.,.243 Rem., 6,5 × 55 SE,.270 Win., 7 × 64,.308 Win.,.30– 06, 8x57IS, 9,3 × 62
Caliber Magnum 7mm Rem. Mag.,.300 Win. Mag.,.375 Ruger
Barrel length (mm) 550– typical, 630– Magnum
Ability 4 +1 requirement, 3 +1 Magnum
Conventional trigger pull (g) 1250
Total size (mm) 1007 (cal criterion)
Weight (kg) 3,4

The Krieghoff company has actually positioned the rifle as a tool with In-line shutter. This kind of pump-action reloading, in which the stopper stays stationary, and also moves the unit consisting of a barrel, forearm and also the silo shop.

  • Shutter straight activity– the larva turns around and locks the barrel under the activity of the components of the device without the participation of an arrowhead. The larva seven lugs, it appears like an equipment with rounded teeth. Surprisingly, this setup was utilized in the rifle M-16.
  • The trigger device is adjustable, with the possibility of manual equipping and also withdrawal. Trigger pull is adjustable by a screw port which is located behind the trigger. There is a setting of shneller, triggered in the usual way– when the cocked trigger, the hook moves on.
  • Store detachable, the eject switch is located on the shank, the front face of the shelter.
  • You can obstruct a rifle exterior (ahead block) setting, in which it is secure to deliver and also bring. On the leading face of the back side of the block of the trunk switch is pushed.
  • Sights– rear view and front view geared up with tinted fiber-optic aspects. They are controlled by. To install the bridge bracket under the optical sight on the cover of the receiver is parallel to the undercut, creating a form of a lath of the type «« dovetail ».
  • Polupoltina bed, made of solid timber of important types. It can have a ledge «« Bavarian cheek» » or be smooth. There are choices with a hole for your thumb in the neck of the butt. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed.
Picking and loading

The rifle can be found in a beautiful difficult instance, lined with natural leather. It dismantled right into two blocks. The shop is removed, placed in a different cell in the trunk.

In the package can be 2 or three barrel with forend, the bridge under the telescopic sight himself. Have hex bolts to readjust the effort of the descent, completely as well as flies. Come with by a certificate, instruction manual.

The principle of procedure

To bill the rifle, it is necessary to change the block of the lower arm with the barrel forward. On the initial millimeters of development in uncloging its 2 part– device of the barrel and also buttstock with USM, and then, upon additional activity, the shutter cylinder is revolved as well as out of interaction with the breech of the barrel. Guide on which slides the receiver is the bolt body having in cross-section the shape of a celebrity with rounded rays of flowers. In the reverse motion of the bolt grabs a round from the magazine and manageable it right into the chamber.

  • The design of the rifle handbook gives the platoon firing system. To do this, click on the top edge of the lever on the back plate of the demonstrator and drown him inside. For de-cocking, you have to click on the reduced edge of this lever, after which it POPs back. All activities including the procedure of USM made in the placement of the bar 12 hours. He has another 2 hours of the day, it is meant to split blocks of rifles.
  • If firing pin has been cocked, then succeeding cycles of refilling it remains in this setting.
  • Shop two-row, he is armed as in the gotten rid of position, which is needed to move the block of the trunk onward and press the eject switch as well as via the home window of ejector sleeves. In this manner you can include another cartridge, pressing it into the chamber.
  • Setting shneller descent is developed when the cocked shooting pin. For this we require to move the trigger onward. To eliminate it, however the shooting pin requires to be shut down. Adjustment initiatives descent is a hex wrench consisted of. The port screw located behind the trigger.
  • To carry the taken apart rifle she deactivated. For this, the barrel moves forward, after that his upper face, left top, click the button. The barrel is fixed forward. In this placement, the breech opened up, the cartridge in the chamber it is impossible to use.
  1. Eliminate the impactor from the army to press on its lower face.
  2. To push a block of the barrel ahead until it quits. So on his ideal side opened the latch.
  3. To get rid of the store.
  4. Rotate the cocking lever to the right of the drummer setting for 2 hrs a day (there are white risk) as well as click it, sinking within.
  5. Turn the latch check box in the block of the trunk.
  6. To get rid of the system, moving it out of involvement with the bolt body as well as the lower pin.

The barrel mounted to the forend and the receiver by two screws situated on the front and rear of the shelter shop. Within one team qualities– as an example,.270 Win,.308 Win, 30-06– change larvae shutter is not required.

Costs as well as testimonials on the carbine, Krieghoff, Sempro (Krieghoff Semprio) is provided below.


Rifle Semprio quality.243 Rem in the minimum arrangement and not in a specifically sophisticated style is not much less than 450 thousand rubles.


Those that had the chance to shoot with this rifle, keep in mind the flawless quality of its performance. Block stem relocates smoothly, without extreme noise. The larger the quality, the more noticable the result of beta the shutter when discharged.

Habit to the direction of motion of the forearm when charging is formed really promptly. Semprio has an excellent capturing top qualities. With a telescopic sight capturing possible at distances as much as 300 meters. The worth of MOA is positioned 1.2-2 units.

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