Mossberg 802 Bolt Action rifles

Carbine Mossberg 802 Bolt Action is a small-caliber weapon under the cartridge ring of ignition of.22 LR. It is made use of for showing the basics of weapon handling, amusement (plinking) and shooting sports in the disciplines of creating and benchrest.

Quiting power of a lead bullet shell-less enough for hunting tiny fur-bearing animals.

Description of the carbine Mossberg 802 Bolt Action

Gunned carbine bolt-on paddle as well as removable shop. The.22 LR cartridge ring of ignition with a soft shell-less bullet of lead.

Trunk console, bed standard, polupoltina, butt, straight comb which has a slope relative to the axis of the barrel. Outfitted with a set of outside sighting gadgets and also strap type dovetail for installing optics.

Disadvantages as well as benefits
  • Light-weight, small, trusted, very easy and basic to make use of.
  • Trustworthy locking screw gateway provides a good shooting performance. The size axis of the ellipse of dispersion much less than 1.5 MOA.
  • Versions with thick match barrel and is geared up with an optical view with the ability of hitting targets at ranges as much as 200 meters.
  • At the very same time, it deserves keeping in mind that the bullet of the.22 LR has a low initial rate, the trajectory of its trip ballistic, it is impacted by wind. The ideal firing outcomes can be accomplished just in encased shooting galleries.
  • Bed poliestireno kind has excellent functional designs, it fits shooting from all positions– offhand, with lock standing, relaxing.
  • Detachable publication facilitates the procedure of loading. Its ability can also be thought about unnecessary. The size of the store is too huge, it’s not very cosmetically pleasing, which is arguable, but surely the arrowhead ought to be afraid to capture them for something.

The trigger mechanism has a simple control logic. The circuit box it is located on the front branch of the trigger guard that not all tiny expert admits comfortable and also has 2 settings. If the drummer cocked, it can be seen.

Therefore, the security of weapon handling is fairly sufficient, it can be made use of for mentor beginners. Purpose This weapon is made use of for training and also recreational capturing, as well as sports in the disciplines of writing and benchrest. You may additionally search

for small furry pets. Varieties In the standard version of the carbine is outfitted with a console blued barrel size 460 mm, poliestireno box of black plastic or solid wood (birch). Views only foreign– flexible rear view as well as front view.

  • The design has a Brushed Chrome barrel length 540 mm, it is chrome plated (like a receiver). Bed polupoltina, of black plastic. Sights just outside.
  • Design Varmiting is equipped with thick suit barrel length 540 mm. Outside views matched by a band of the kind «« sync ». Bed polupoltina, of black plastic or wood.
  • The carabiners that include 4 times optical sight, have a version index Scoped Combo.
  • Thumbhole Tipdown designs differ in the style of the Lodge. Buttstock with high comb separated from the upright set of the deal with bore, which enhances the comfort of the hold. The barrel, trigger as well as receiver guard are chrome. The outer discovery tools increased slat «« ingest tail»». They are thought about sporting activities.
Attribute The worth
Type Carbine bolt-on shutter
Quality .22 LR
Ammunition Cartridge ring of ignition
Barrel size (mm) 460 or 540
Step rifling 1:16
Shop Removable, single-row, capability 10 rounds
Total size (mm) 940 as well as 1010
Weight (kg) 1,8/ 2/ 2,35 (Varmint)

Carabiner with rotating bolt lock. The trunk of a cantilever, made from carbon iron on the muzzle chamfer is made in the type of a funnel-shaped recess.

  • The receiver is light weight aluminum, cast, exterior, connecting with the barrel with 2 pins.
  • A screw with 2 extractors. Locking as a result of the emphasis of the manage in the intermediary of package. When a drummer cocked his recoil pad is withdrawed, on the stem of the stopper there is a red ring mark.
  • The drummer is in the stem of the valve. The trigger mechanism contains a hook and sear. It is not controlled. The safety and security locks the sear, its check box is located in the front branch of the trigger guard as well as has 2 positions: Fire– the way to the right, noticeable red ring tag, Stop– the means to the left.
  • Store detachable, solitary row, with an ability of ten rounds. His eco-friendly feeder, it is inappropriate with self-loading carbines 802, in which the feeder is red. The latch is located in between the trigger guard and also the bin shop.
  • The back sight is adjustable for elevation and also setting relative to the axis of the barrel. The modification is made the screw with a straight port and also slider with a toothed comb. Fly on the brace of tool elevation, a shut annular shroud.
  • Bed polupoltina, butt plate without the absorber, the comb is directly, with a descending slope about the axis of the barrel.
Packing and also choosing

Packaged in a cardboard box. The shutter is put individually. In the regular provided with the lock, securing trigger guard, as well as two stores. In the prolonged there is a four times optical sight. Applied guidebook and passport.

The principle of operation
  • Prior to operation it is necessary to establish the shutter. To do this, take him by the arm and position to make sure that the pin guide is in a vertical setting. Package of the fuse must be in placement to Fire. Shoot and also go into the larva in the receiver. Push the bolt inward up until it quits pins in the long run of the receiver.
  • Transform the manage to ensure that the pins included in the guide slots of the receiver. Release the trigger. Switch on the fuse. Relocate shutter onward as well as lower the deal with right into the port on the box. If done properly, the drummer will squadrons, which will be seen by its position and also the red ring mark on the back plate of the screw body. Raise the handle, the shooting pin will be removed from the squad immediately.
  • To remove the store press the latch and pull it downwards. The cartridges fit into one row. Each of the previous it is required utaplivat down, and also the following feeding from front to back, hooking over the top flange of the store. On a normal location it is set up directly, till it clicks.
  • For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber, relocate the safety button to the Fire setting, raise the take care of as well as pull the paddle much back. Then vigorously use it forward and also reduced the deal with into the groove of package. You can after that put the rifle on risk-free, by moving the button to the Stop position.
  • Filling with the window of the receiver is possible just with the empty store. Cartridge pressed right into the chamber with your finger and be sent out shutter.
  1. Discharge the weapon, which eliminate the magazine, rack it and see to it the chamber is empty.
  2. Shoot, raise the screw handle and pull it back.
  3. The output entrance of the receiver.

To separate boxes remove both screws– one behind the trigger guard, the other from the front side of the hopper store. The back screw holding the trigger Assembly on the receiver, so when you divide the parts it will certainly act independently.

Cost and testimonials of Mossberg (Mossberg) Bolt Action 802 is offered below.


Carabiner deserves 22 to 25 thousand rubles (as, for example, saiga MK 03, saiga-308-1 servomotor 46, boar 7,26 х54 and also PIONEER).

The weapon is trusted as well as unpretentious in operation. Effect minimal, no worry to make use of young adults and physically unprepared individuals. Capturing performance is sufficient in enclosed shooting ranges of the worth of the MOA is not greater than 1.5. Bullet much destroyed by the wind.

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