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MP-27M is not in vain called the most «« prominent » barreled rifle with a vertical setup of trunks. It is easy, plain, exceptionally reliable and at an economical cost A double-barreled weapon with an upright arrangement of trunks showed up somewhere in the center of the 20th century.

This rifle not just looks more aesthetic however likewise a lot more portable. It is thought that the vertical arrangement expands the vision of the seeker. While the straight location of the study restrictions. MP-27 M– the popular shotgun manufactured by the Izhevsk mechanical plant (producer of such well-known designs as the MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, MP-94 « Express », Mr-43КН, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, « North », Mr-155).

Browse weapons MP-27 M MP-27 M Izhmekh generated for greater than 40 years. Despite the continued presence of the shotgun remains to take pleasure in stable appeal amongst professional seekers and also among fans. The basis for the design functioned as the famous IZH-27. Classifying the letter M shows the alteration of the rifle «. Modifications include some architectural modifications, and the advancement of unpredictable muzzle tightenings.

The new line in 2003 was awarded at the competitors « 100 best products of Russia ». The main designer of the new version was made by A. And Klimov. Among the main features of line– high security.

It is achieved via the installation of integrates, easy as well as reliable node locking. Furthermore, alteration of construction permitted to start manufacturing of model combination– rifled as well as smooth barrels. Disadvantages and advantages Rifle Mr-27 M is primarily used for searching, yet can execute the duty of «means of protection. Available range for various qualities and in different variations, to make sure that among the series of vertical double-barreled weapons, you can discover the alternative for nearly any type of sort of hunting. Popular design makes use of not just

in Russia but additionally abroad. To import provided under the cartridges « Magnum » with the cartridge chamber of better size.

To undoubted advantages

of the shotgun have to be connected the following qualities. High precision– basic range of 35 m fraction are put in a circle the size of 750 mm. As well as according to the seekers, the rifle reacts well to all tasks created to boost the accuracy of the fight. Security– Mr-27 M geared up with as an automatic fuse, and prihvatyvaya Kurkov– incepture. This solution totally removes the possibility of an unintended discharge. The barrels are made from the strongest tools of steel networks as well as screws chrome plated, which boosts the precision and also longevity of the product to deterioration. Between the trunks are linked by soldering and also is pressed right into the combining. Throw rifles decrease the compensation of the hole in the muzzle component. Generated numerous alterations of the schedule with an ejector, for

  • target shooting, with two trigger hooks and so on. Furthermore, the Izhevsk plant uses a design for capturing with lead shot as well as steel– on items noted. The design of the rifle
  • is easy, however trustworthy– a failure of the gun is something outstanding. Case in battle helical springtimes that make sure trouble-free operation of the device. The disadvantages of the item are likewise available. In spite of the rigidity and also integrity of the rifle is the weak spot– soldering on the
  • trunks. Side plank on a regular basis departs. Fairly a great deal of weight, the MP-27M is a home can be both an advantage and also a downside. When running searching and shooting tiny quality of the weight of the shotgun ends up being a « considerable » drawback. It also decreases recoil and permits you to utilize extra effective ammunition. Image rifles Mr-27M 12/76 Buk(barrel 725 ) Purpose MP-27 M is readily available in preferred calibers from

    12 to.410. specifically. Utilized for various sorts of searching. Usually we are discussing searching medium as well as little video game at a distance of 40-60 m


  • For these purposes a vertical double-barreled shotgun is the best choice. Bird hunting is preferable to the version with a cylindrical trunk. For searching at lengthy range is the
  • exact same Fox in the field, a bird in flight, fit combination shotgun with smooth and also rifled barrels. MP-27 M– a searching rifle. Utilize it for shooting sporting activities, along with unique model, not as well comfy.

For leisure capturing or hanging out in the dash the weapon, of program, additionally applies. Ranges Readily available Mr-27M for the complying with quality: 12/76, 16/70, 20/76, 28/70,.410/

76. On top of that, designs can have various sizes of the chamber under a traditional munition, as well as under. « Magnum ». Common muzzle constricting of the link: top of kind F, and the lower– M. There are the complying with modifications. Mr-27M– fundamental variation with 2 trigger hooks. Mr-27E M– rifle outfitted with an ejector that ejects just the spent covering covering.

  • Eat man globe available, just slightly leaving.
  • The ejector can be impaired also in area problems, if called for. Mr-27M-1C model with one trigger. The order of shots is evaluated will certainly by pressing the trigger forward. Mr-27E M-1S– equipped with a solitary trigger and ejector, tossing the
  • spent covering case. The series of shots is adjustable. MP-27 EM-1C « showing off »– has a more ergonomic buttstock with rubber butt pad to decrease recoil. The rifle has a vast rib, one of the two flies the shade that it gives the best presence. The fore-end is broad
  • , the sort of sport. In» the muzzle component of the barrel has openings to reduce muzzle pressure. Different shotgun quality 12 with a chamber length of 76 mm can be furnished with compatible barrel block 20 scale with the drilling of the Lancaster– oval-screw. In the trunk there are 2 wide thread, yet the rifle is

still identified as a smoothbore. The design can have a common implementation, or the layout classic– with sculpting on the timber parts of the shotgun. Some are single-piece versions, for instance, Mr-27M-M, TC « Rus ». The rifle is etched on the silver plate,

the securing system tungsten carbide tipped, remarkable bluing of the barrel. The kit consists of 2 sets of trunks: poluchat-chalk with a length of 725 mm as well as the cylinder is a cyndrical tube of length 610 «mm. However, the price of piece items is almost 3 times greater than serial. Technical features of the gun MP-27M is defined listed below. Specs Caliber, length of the chamber, the pressure of gunpowder are presented on the breech sleeve. If allowed to utilize steel shot, the barrel appears the mark « Steel shot ».

The data in the table are for serial designs, designed for lead shot.

Setups The worth of the

criterion Caliber 12 16 20 28 32 12 20.410 Length, mm The chamber 70 76 Trunk 660, 710, 725, 750 710 660, 710, 750 660, 710, 726, 750 The size of the birthed, mm 18,4 16,8 15,7 14,0 «12,5 18,4 15,7 10,3 The typical maximum gas stress, MPa 65/74 68/78 72/83 90/105 DR

+0,4 — — — — +0,4 — — C 0,0 0,0 0,0

0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0

0,0 IC 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,15 0,15 0,25 0,25 0,12

M 0,5 0,5

0,5 0,25

0,25 0,5

0,5 0,25

IM 0,75

0,75 0,75 0,40 0,38

0,75 0,75 0,38 F 1,0

1,0 1,0 0,6 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,5 T 1,25 — — — — 1,25 — — XF — — — 0,8 0,7 — — 0,7 Weapon weight, kg 3,4 3,65 3,1 3,6

3,3 3,2 Weight of rifle with barrel block with the drilling of Lancaster gets to much less than 3.8 kg. Style Mr-27M consists of a receiver with a stock and also barrel device with the forearm. Trunks participated a vertical plane as well as connected breech coupling and milwalkie straps– two side and also top. Leading refers to the kind of vented.

Secured trunks because of changing of the securing bar : it is placed into the opening of the hook on the clutch. When you open the trunk bar as well as the launch bar is held by the delay. When shutting the weapon hold-up automatically releases bench. In the receiver block with the drilling of the Lancaster connection is made through the breech and muzzle combinings. In the muzzle coupler lower barrel is fixed, with a space to stop thermal contortion. Combining trunks STP attain an unique adjustment nut with screw. Her turn on one click— — indicates the modification of distance in between— the STP trunks of 7 mm at a range of 100 m.

During the rotation of the nut clockwise STP top trunk actions upwards about all-time low, counterclockwise– down loved one to STP the bottom of the barrel. In addition, the barrel with the drilling of the Lancaster equipped with flexible views: the front view on the muzzle coupling can change the placement up and down, and also pillar– horizontal. The trunk enhances the discovery strip of the kind « dovetail » that permit you to install a rifle scope. In designs without the ejector sleeve is pushed by the ejector and also removed by hand. In the shotgun with an ejector gadget expels the discharged cartridge instance at the opening of the trunk. The ejector can be disabled by gliding the disconnector 90 levels.

USM is mounted partially onits basis partially in the receiver, is given with internal hooks. The strikers maintained separate from Kurkov, is spring-loaded and also dealt with in the nest box. As battle utilized twisted round springs, making sure integrity of the— device. Installed perehvatyvaet Kurkov,— protects against accidental shot when the failing of the trigger or go down the weapon, for  instance.

Automatic fuse is turned on when you turn the lever it secures the sear when cocked the trigger. When the fuse is equated into « defense », the sear will not lock. When opening up the trunk the fuse instantly locks the sear.

In shotguns with a solitary trigger

  • common series is as complies with: very first fires the lower barrel after that the top. The order can be transformed: this trigger is transferred forward until it clicks. In guns with 2 trigger hooks have the ability unstressed descent Kurkov. This calls for that you open up the barrel, remove cartridges, put the security button in forward setting, hold back the triggers, close the trunks. Stock and also forend are made
  • of walnut or beech. Sports models are furnished with rubber recoil pad. Picking as well as loading Standard rifle is basic: cardboard box; key gun. Some designs can be provided with the receiver block with the drilling of Lancaster. In this instance, the package likewise will certainly consist of an unique trick. The concept of procedure Mr-27M– line vertical double-barreled shotguns with some modifications in design, but with a typical principle of activity. Gun created to discharge cartridges with plastic, metal as well as paper shells, and also bullets with a diameter of 0.2– 0.3 mm smaller
  • than the diameter of the receiver channel. Use caliber bullet constructed from difficult products– steel, brass, prohibited. All models entail making use of lead shot. For steel made special modifications on the barrels which are marked « Steel shot ». The «exact same applies to muzzle contractions: those that can be utilized for shooting steel shot, have a mark of « STEEL ». Rifle with a chamber length of 70 mm enables the use of cartridges of any type of kind, except those that are marked « Max.1050 bar ». Weapon with chamber size 76 mm involves making use of such a cartridge, that
  • is, for versions that are tested under pressure 1320 bar. For shooting the guns with the exploration of the Lancaster advised ammunition type « at gualandi », « Brenneke », « Sabot Slug ». Ammunition 20 scale, packed with buckshot, make use of any. Capturing is executed sequentially according to the basic scheme or modification of concern. If the charge rifle is held after round, consume male globe
  • out there, it is suggested to put the cartridge right into the cartridge chamber of the barrel, which is already shot, and «the second to discharge the gun, which shoots the second. Feasible « lengthy » shot due to slow down reaction of the capsule
  • . Is to hold the rifle in the instructions to the goal for one more 30-40 secs and only after that to reenergize if pushing the trigger shot did not occur. Change operation of muzzle of the contractions is carried out commonly: the nozzle is screwed into the barrel until it quits at the end of the walk in the receiver channel, where between completion face of the barrel as well as the round part of the contractions need to be a gap. With the muzzle attachment ought to be flush or slightly recessed. Tightening muzzle constraint is inspected every 50-100 shots. Make sure before shooting examined the visual honesty of the
    • ring, which is based on
    • the junction constricting as well as projection in the channel. Cost rifle is normally: transform the appropriate launch bar up until it stops, turn down the trunks. Then, in the cartridge chamber
      at the same time placed the ammo and also guns go back to the

      beginning position. Launch bar when it remains in the facility about the shank of package. If not, the lever is readjusted by hand. Before shooting, the fuse was transferred to the placement of « fire. » Doing it at the last minute, when the rifle is aimed. Disassembly Upkeep– cleansing and also lubrication need only a partial disassembly. Plan of it is this: pulled down the

      latch of the lower arm on its reduced surface area and, while holding it, revolve the lower arm far from the barrels; separate»the shank; transform the appropriate launch lever is at the top of package; turn down to the limitation of «the weapons as well as take them from the box; Unscrew the screw head and also remove it; Unscrew the screw fixing the trigger guard. Transform the brace counterclockwise to separate from the larvae; Unscrew the screw that goes via the butt, as well as then gently touch the box on the tree trembling add-on of the butt with the box; take off the butt. In models with attractive spot boards prior to disconnecting the butt, you require to get rid of the screws securing the Board as well as eliminate «them. Complete disassembly, along with these procedures includes

    • the disassembly of the trigger locking system and also the ejection mechanism. Full disassembly provides only for fixing. Setting up the rifle in the reverse order. Maintain the weapon dismantled, however the fore end is attached to the trunks. Tuning Simple style does not offer much area for change. Possible replacement supply for attractive
    • purposes «– made» of other wood, with ornamental sculpting. When bundling strap of the type « sync » is possible to install an optical sight. Rate as well as proprietor reviews concerning the gun, the MP-27M is provided listed below.
    • Cost The base model 12 scale worth 22670 R version with an ejector will certainly cost 24700-28000 R. Rifle with an ejector and one trigger is approximated at 29800 R. Piece alternative is not less than 70 600 p The ammo utilized were really various, the rate varies from 15 to 129 rubles. for PCs. Reviews Mr-27M in different versions produced for more than 40 years. Throughout this time around, it offered over 1.5 million duplicates.
    • So the appeal of the rifle can just covet. Many owners kept in mind the exceptional precision as well as prekladatele weapon. In addition, the mechanism of MP-27M is defined by high reliability and dependability, and also permits the use of
    • more powerful cartridges. Amongst the drawbacks noted weak soldering weapons, which leads to tearing of the lateral strips. Furthermore, broken trunks and reverse the securing is hard-almost fifty percent of the circumstances.

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