Car battery on a snowmobile Taiga 500

Often, snowmobile enthusiasts improve their technique, and do it in different ways. In addition to replacing tracks and other important parts for moving, some install car batteries. Such an innovation will extend and improve the work of the snowmobile.

How to do it right? Is it possible to cope with such a task yourself or is it better to contact an experienced specialist? Do not immediately run to the workshop, you can do everything yourself.

The whole process can be divided into the following steps:

  • First of all, the seat is dismantled, then the protective plastic is removed;
  • the next step is to disconnect the battery and remove it from a special capacity;
  • then, in place of the old, a pre-prepared container is installed, made of stainless steel in strictly specified sizes;
  • The battery is lowered into the tank and connected with the help of home-made terminals.

Immediately after this, do not mount the protective plastic, it is worth checking the operation of the engine, if everything is installed correctly, the snowmobile will respond to the turn of the key instantly. Only after that they attach the protective plastic and install the seat in its place.

Your snowmobile will work longer with a car battery, but occasionally you should look under the seat and, if necessary, add fluid depending on the brand of battery.

A snowmobile can be attributed to a kind of lifesaver in the winter, not every car and even more so a motorcycle can overcome significant distances along the snow cover. To always be able to move around without problems, it is not enough to keep the equipment in full technical condition. The battery for the Taiga 500 snowmobile will be one of the important components, choosing it correctly you will never experience difficulties.

What batteries can be installed on a Taiga 500 snowmobile

Before buying a battery, you should first examine the prices, take a closer look, read the recommendations of more experienced mechanics. But even after this, it is not advisable to immediately make a purchase;

Considering the opinion of snowmobile enthusiasts, in particular, owners of the Taiga 500, you can make a small list of batteries that will work best. Comparative characteristics are best represented in the following table:

brand manufacturer capacity polarity the size battery type starting current (-18 ° C)
R Driver HD Y50-N18L-A China 21.1 Ach Reverse – / + 206×92×163 dry 235 A
Fire Y50-N18L-A Germany 20 Revelation Reverse – / + 206×92×163 dry 200 A
RM (Russian mechanics) Russia 20Ah to 24Ah depending on model Reverse – / + 205×87×162 – 204×91×162 dry 230 A

Next, we dwell on each model in more detail.

R Driver HD Y50-N18L-A

This battery model is available in China, but you should not be afraid of this. The company cares about the high quality of its products, while the cost remains affordable for everyone.

Among the advantages it is worth noting:

  • a sufficiently long service life of at least 4 years;
  • a wide range of operating temperatures, the battery will start up without any problems and will work perfectly at minus forty and at plus sixty;
  • minimum self-discharge.

Initially, the model was developed for motorcycles and mopeds, but it is also actively used for snowmobiles.

Fire Y50-N18L-A

The production of these batteries is carried out by Germany and the Czech Republic, models can be distinguished by the barcode and instructions for the product

The best are German, they differ:

  • robust shell design, the pole terminals will not allow leakage, the cover and housing are resistant to both oil and gasoline;
  • reliable start-up at any temperature;
  • durable construction, which is not afraid of vibration and jumps on bumps.

The quality of the product matches the price, the snowmobile will work like a clock with such a battery.

Russian Mechanics

A battery for a snowmobile Taiga with a reasonable price will be offered by a domestic manufacturer, the Russian Mechanics brand will help equip a snowmobile not only with these products.

The manufacturer has a large line of batteries, but for a given snowmobile, the Delta series will be the best option.

Features she possesses such:

  • completely sealed design, making leakage simply impossible;
  • no need to add fluid;
  • perfectly exploited in any position;
  • It has no restrictions on transportation, it is possible to use any transport both land, air and sea.

In addition, users note a high energy density when using.

It is possible to install other batteries on the Taiga 500 snowmobile, but these three types will be the best options.

Internet battery price

Pricing policies in retail stores and on sites on the Internet can vary significantly. Usually online sellers charge less, but shipping is not included.

Of the above batteries, German-made Vatra will be the most inexpensive, while Delta from Russian Mechanics will be relatively cheap.

At prices, it will look something like this:

  • R Driver HD Y50-N18L-A in most online stores costs from 4300 rubles. and higher;
  • for Vatra Y50-N18L-A they ask from 4800 rubles;
  • Russian Mechanics offers batteries at different prices, the line starts from 4000 and above, it’s for Delta that they ask about 500 rubles.

Which of the above batteries, everyone decides to choose. The only advice that can be given here is to read the reviews in advance, consult with more experienced comrades and do not get fooled.

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