Features snowmobile Yamaha Apex

The Apex snowmobile has good technical specifications for both sports models. The world saw him for the first time in 2010 and so far he has not lost his leading position in the market.

Among the techniques for traveling long distances in the snow, Yamaha is the market leader. The Apex snowmobile is considered one of the best options for sports universals, and some subspecies can be considered utilitarian.


Externally, the Apex snowmobile is quite presentable, the total length is almost 3 m, and the width is almost 1, 3 m. The seat is located so that you can move on the snowmobile only one at a time, together it will be extremely inconvenient on any of the Yamaha Apex models.

In technical terms, the characteristics can be provided in the form of a table.

characteristic indicators
tank capacity 34.6 l
cooling liquid
fuel system liquid heated
front suspension travel 219 mm
rear suspension travel 297 mm
ignition transistor
brake system with hydraulic drive, 4-piston caliper and light ventilated disc

Electric starters in snowmobiles from this manufacturer as standard.

Advantages and disadvantages

Snowmobile from Yamaha has its drawbacks and advantages, the latter of course more.

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • poor permeability in deep and soft snow;
  • no reverse, except for the Apex X-TX;
  • stiff suspension;
  • fairly short caterpillar.

Many complained about not practicality, the two of them traveling extremely uncomfortable.

Advantages of snowmobiles from Yamaha more:

  • excellent speed performance;
  • very light weight;
  • high engine power;
  • good maneuverability;
  • the presence of electric power steering;
  • separate shock absorbers on the front suspension;
  • shortened silencer that helps balance the center of gravity.

Apex snowmobiles are highly aerodynamic, a certain form of windshield and innovative fairings helped to achieve this.

Interesting! An important feature of the Yamaha models is that the handle heating switches and the gas trigger are on both sides.

Apex Snowmobile Operating Rules

In order not to get into a difficult situation and not call friends for help, or even rescuers, you need to know and apply the rules for operating the snowmobile.

Attention should be focused on this:

  • trips on a vehicle through freshly fallen snow are not advisable, especially if there is a lot of it;
  • use a snowmobile to transport a large amount of baggage, such maneuvers can only be performed on the Apex X-TX;
  • to transport two or more people, this will complicate the work of the snowmobile, and you cannot call a comfortable ride;
  • Before riding, it is advisable to warm up the snowmobile a little.

After the season closes, you must send the vehicle to rest, while doing it is desirable to do everything right. The intricacies of the procedure are familiar to all lovers of technology, so we will not load it again.

What parts are needed for a snowmobile

Any product can be upgraded, especially if you understand the technique. Some characteristics of Yamaha snowmobile can be improved, for this it is enough to simply purchase the necessary parts.

Of course, the reverse cannot be done, but the most necessary things must always be at hand:

  • It is possible to increase patency only by replacing the tracks on a model with a broken heel.
  • It is always necessary to have spare candles with you, so you can avoid many not very pleasant situations.

Everything else can be found only at official representatives who carry only licensed spare parts for products of this type.

The cost of the new Yamaha model

Of course, each seller makes a certain margin on any product, but nobody wants to overpay. Snowmobiles, and even Yamaha, cannot be cheap, so before buying it is worthwhile to carefully study the market and offers on it.

The cost of a Yamaha Apex snowmobile from the manufacturer starts on average from 915,000 rubles. Some suppliers offer the same models at reduced prices, this can also be, but such a product cannot cost less than 820,000 rubles.

Important! Second-hand models sell for 460,000 rubles and above, for 300,000 rubles, most likely they will get equipment that you will have to sweat and invest as much.

Everyone who purchased Yamaha snowmobiles only spoke positively about technology. All in one they recommend Apex to their friends and acquaintances who are engaged in hunting, fishing or using a snowmobile for sports purposes.

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