How to accustom your kitten to the scratching post

Kitten in the house is not only a playful animal that delights its owners with their naughty behavior, it’s also a big responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the owners.

When the cat grows up, it starts shedding, and the whole apartment is covered with wool, and the furniture suffers from the paws of the pet. To ensure the safety of the interior you need to purchase a sharpener for claws.

For all cats is characterized by the natural desire of waking up after sleep, pulled and let the claws. When the pet sharpens his claws, he leads his body in order to dispose of all loose or overly long claws. If the cat has no opportunity to sharpen his claws, he begins to chew them, which leads to the breaking or stratification, and inflammation of the phalanges.

From the point of view of the cat’s instincts, turning the claws he marks the territory, the signs say that this site is occupied, and the land has owner.

So the cat is not sharpening its claws on everything that is in the house, it is necessary to teach to do it in the space provided. Will need a lot of endurance and patience before the dog will get used to the designated place. To train a kitten is much easier than adult pet. Kittens are naturally curious, quick to learn new information. Adult cats, on the contrary, have their own habits and change them do not have the desire.

The types of kogtetochek

Nowadays there are a wide range of different kinds of kogtetochek. For home you can buy ready-made, they are pretty cheap and convenient, and can be made independently.

Scratching posts come in:

  • columns;
  • soft houses;
  • of gaming systems.

And they are divided into overhead and horizontal.

Columns – the most common model. They are presented in a vertical column of different diameter in width and in height. Such scratching posts perform several functions, which include not only the turning of the claws, but also and exercise for the pet.

Cats love to jump high for column and stretch, flexing my body. These Pets lead a passive way of life, most of the time spend in sleep, and they require physical exertion. Most of kogtetochek attached rope and kittens spend a lot of time playing with them, which impacts positively on the health of the pet.

When buying a house , you can kill two birds with one stone. The animal uses one room for sleeping, and for turning claws. However, not all cats prefer the store-bought houses. Be prepared for the fact that the cat will prefer to sleep in a box from under the soft house, and not in himself.

The most costly option is purchase complexes. In it the cat can sharpen claws, to play, to sleep and to run up the stairs and hops. This kind of home Playground for the animals. The complex has everything you need for a complete recreation and entertainment of the Pets. Cats can carry it all the time, to separate only to eat and go to the toilet.

Vertical pencil sharpener is also a good model. It is suitable for cats who love to sharpen their claws on the door. There are different shapes – flat and curved. The cat may be on it and stretch after sleeping.

Materials for scratching posts

The most affordable option falls on the cardboard kogtetochek. It is great for kittens, because the adults quickly it will break.

Jute model more robust, and they like cats more than other options.

Jute is a material that is extracted from plants of the family Malvaceae. It is perfect for weaving different kinds of products. Kittens well cling claws for this stuff, it’s pretty durable, and tear. Jute single column can serve more than a year.

Sisal model also include natural materials. They differ from jute with bright colors, and its structure is very similar to the bark of trees.

Hardwood is made from polished wood and also boards. It is a durable material, however, if the scratching post cheap and made poorly, the kitten could get hurt or drop the skid.

How to accustom your kitten to the scratching post

Little kitten accustomed to scratching posts is much easier than adult pet. The kitten yet their habits, and therefore easy to train. Kittens will sharpen its claws in any convenient place, it can be furniture, doors, Wallpapers, and curtains.

They do it not because kittens hunting instinct wakes up, and the banal hygiene. Some owners have decided to remove the claws from the paws of the pet, however, if this seems too harsh, you can resort to training and schooling to scratching posts.

It is recommended to buy kittens horizontal jute scratching post in the form of boards. In a small age, it is not recommended to buy wooden models, as they are too hard for soft paws of a kitten. A good option is to purchase wall models scratching, the growth of a kitten it can be hung a little higher, it will occupy little space, and the pet will always come back for turning claws.

A good method to accustom the kitten to the location of the turning claws will be the reward in the form of feed. The vertical bars can be installed near the feeding place, then the cat will get used to the fact that after turning the claws of his feed. Do not yell at the animal, if it scratches the furniture, it might do it on purpose to attract attention.

A kitten can be trained to a scratching post with another cat smell. Cats do not suffer someone else’s scent on its territory, and therefore will try to mark this scratching post, scratching it with his claws.

If the kitten is reluctant to use a scratching post, but loved another place, it can be closed with polyethylene. Cats do not like polyethylene because it hard to grab onto, adults unable to break it, but kittens will not be able and soon abandoned the place.

All places to which the kitten will lose access, you need to find a replacement. This can be a scratching post that the kitten learns by promoting.

Accustom the cat to the scratching post

Before you start housebreaking cats to scratching posts, you should know a few rules:

  • It is impossible to scold and beat the cat because it scratches the furniture. These actions are fixed in the subconscious as a way of attracting attention. Cat boredom will start to scratch things to come master.
  • If you take away pet choice for turning claws, he will find similar, therefore, should be timely to give a replacement in the form of scratching posts.
  • You must always encourage initiative cat, if he begins to scratch a scratching post.

The first thing you should remember that you can not beat the cat and shout at him if he checks the claws, the strength of the furniture. It would be better to strictly tell him “No!” and to attract the attention of cotton on the floor or their hands.

Pet will not be frightened at that, but distracted from scratching, and pay attention to something else. Cats are vengeful animals, if to vent on him the anger that he scratched the walls or furniture, he would repeat it again, when will angry or bored.

Scratching post you can spray a small amount of Catnip. From the smell of the cats lifted the mood and they want to play. Need to encourage the pet for doing the right action and we should not blame him if he fouls.

Cats really do not like the scent of lemon, if you regularly spray them in areas where the cat scratches things, he will cease to do so.

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  1. Nowadays there are a wide range of different kinds of kogtetochek. For home you can buy ready-made, they are pretty cheap and convenient, and can be made independently.

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